Picnic on the Beach (English)

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The weather was bad on Saturday, but I knew the weather was good on Sunday, so I decided to definitely go out.
When I asked Fionn in the morning, he answered “Aquarium”, which is the usual answer, so we went to Tatsukushi.

But it’s not fun to go straight to the aquarium, so we stopped by Sakurahama Beach, one of my favourite beaches.

We put a blanket in the shade and had a lunch picnic first.

I like walnut bread, Fionn is a sweet bread, and recently Fionn’s favourite fruit is pineapple for dessert!

As for drinks, I put ice in the Darjeeling tea and barley tea at home, and brought them with us.
Thermos bottles are the best in this season because even if we buy drinks in plastic bottles, they will soon get lukewarm.
Usual 5 year olds can’t keep still and eat lunch when the beach is in front of them.
He ate two bites of bread and said, “I’m going to see the ocean!!!” and he ended up playing in the sea.
This time, too, I brought my usual net with us, thinking that we might be able to catch a sea creature because there is a good seashore.

There were a lot of creatures in the pool between the rocks in the unique shape of this Tatsukushi!!!
These days, we go to the beach every time we look for creatures, but no matter how many times he tries, he never gets tired of doing it.
As an adult, I always have fun, so children can’t get tired of it!

This time there were quite a lot of big fish for the beach, and the bigger the fish, the slower they were!
So it was pretty easy to catch. Fionn was very excited!!!
It is very fun to see the different kinds of fish depending on the places you go.
However, what I really thought this time was that even though Fionn couldn’t swim at all, fishing could be a little dangerous in some places without a life jacket.
It was a very wide rocky place, and he was not in danger because I was always next to him, but if a big wave suddenly came and fell from the rocky ground, Fionn could not swim at all.

He wears an arm ring when he gets into the water, but I really thought he should wear a life jacket as much as he can.

And also I started to think about sending him to swimming school just in case.

My parents were not good at swimming, so we were all sent to swimming school from an early age. At that time, it was like a “Spartan” school, so we didn’t like it, but now I’ve heard that they’re really nice, so it’s necessary to go to the sea or river like this.
He played on the beach a lot and caught a lot of creatures, and then he released them all like usual,
and when we went back to the picnic area for a drink and to relax, there was no longer a shadow.

As always, he found a lot of clams and coral and saying, “Mommy, I’ll look for treasure for you!”
I don’t know how long Fionn will enjoy this, but I record this cute feeling every time.

There’s a parking lot where you can park about 10 cars and you can look down the ocean.
There is a clean toilet and shower next to it, so it’s very convenient!

You can go to Tatsukushi Beach, which is famous for sightseeing, from the small road.
If you walk a little, you will be connected to Fionn’s favorite aquarium, SATOUMI, and I recommend it!!!

The rainy season has started in Shikoku today, so there may not be any clear skies for a while, but let’s go again when the weather is nice♪
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