Shimanto Sightseeing -Beach version-

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(This is a blog translated into English using chat GPT)

This is about the sea part of the trip when my younger brother Seina and his wife Chinatsu came back home. When I checked the date, it was just one week ago! It feels like it happened much longer ago.

When it comes to the Golden Week sea, the most famous event in this area is the T-shirt art exhibition at Irino Beach. Fionn has been attending this event every year since probably the year after he was born, and he never misses it!

My brother asked how long it has been going on, saying that he doesn’t remember it from when he was little. When I looked it up, I found out that it has been held since 1989, which means it has been around since before Seina was born. That’s really old!!

It’s pretty much the same every year, starting with laying out a picnic sheet in the perfect picnic area, then going to the area where lots of friends have food and drink stalls, relaxing and eating and drinking.

This year, I bought Peco-chan’s pita bread, Minica’s green curry, and Eriko’s whale-shaped cakes! They were all so delicious!!

Since it was a Tuesday and a weekday on May 2, it wasn’t too crowded, so we spent a very comfortable day. Two days later, when we went back, the parking lot was completely full.

Anyway, it was miraculous that the five days Seina and Chinatsu were here were all sunny and perfect. It was chilly and cloudy until the morning of the day they arrived, and it rained the day after they left.

After eating, we moved to the beach, which is also the same every year. The only difference is that Emmet was there on the beach!! T-shirt art is usually a pattern where Fionn and I come as a duo, or with our niece and nephew, a group of four, and play to our heart’s content.

We always come up with various ideas to play on the beach, and I join in with sand play and digging holes!

This year, Seina and Chinatsu joined us, and we played an endless game where adults worked hard to make a triangular sandcastle, Fionn wet it with water, and finally stomped on it to destroy it.

As expected, he got soaking wet, so he changed his clothes once in the middle, and once again before leaving. Even though the sea water is quite cold in May, children can stay soaking wet without feeling cold. But, as we have heard many times, having fun beats being cold, for sure!

We also brought a parasol , and Seina and Chinatsu were with us, so Emmet stayed on the beach longer, and Fionn seemed very happy. I was happy too.

On our way back, we made a detour to NEST next door. The boys had some local craft beer while we sipped on yuzu juice and relaxed. Seina and Chinachan were both mellow and easygoing, so we had a lot of fun chatting with them. Emmet was really impressed and wished they lived closer.

After spending a few days with Seina, who is over 30 now, I was amazed at how kind and wonderful he has grown up to be. However, the Otsuka siblings are all so different in personality! This one is the calmest and the nicest. We are always nagging and judging, my brother is completely different. hahaha

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