Haircut (English)

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This day always comes out of the blue. It’s a day when my hair grows and I can’t set it.
Until then, I could live day to day without thinking about it, but after, I couldn’t help but hate my hair.

That was the day before yesterday.
I immediately sent a message to the hair salon I always go to and booked the nearest day, and that was today.

Ah! It’s so refreshing!
I thought about it this time and decided to grow my bangs the way I used to. Hold it until you stretch it out.

Exactly two and a half years ago, I thought of cutting my bangs for the first time in 20 years. That’s a lot of courage!
It was so fresh then that everyone was surprised! I really liked it when they said that, but it’s hard to keep a good length!
And now I feel normal with bangs.
On the other hand, the days when I didn’t have bangs, also look fresh.

So, what I’m aiming for right now is this style.

This was my standard forward-down bob ever since I was in my 20s.
It was five years ago, the weight was about two kilograms different (and of course I`m fatter now).
Maybe it’s because I can hide the outline without bangs!!!
(I’ve gained so much weight that I just want to hide my face line.)

I also cut Fionn’s hair, which also grew a lot!!!
Of course, Barber Butler, as usual, let him sit naked in his chair, hold my iPhone, and watch YouTube.
I’ll cut it with clippers.

When I looked back, I saw my father’s hair and my brother’s hair cut all the way to my parents’ house.
Since I got married, I’ve cut most of Emmet’s hair, so I’m used to it.

If you don’t look carefully, it’s cut to the point where there’s no problem, right?

I have a reservation for tomorrow from my husband, Emmet.
If he decides to do karate or go out with his friends at night, he usually asks for a cut.
It seems like he is going out drinking with his friends tomorrow.

I’m contributing to my family and saving money!!!

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