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Emmet has his Karate test this Sunday, it’s been a while since the last test.
Everyone has an image that Emmet has been doing karate for a long time, but actually it’s only been a little over two years since he started.

The belt he going for is Blue. He is now learning the “Yantsu” kata that is necessary for the test.
He was worried he can’t do the kata correctly, so he went to practice early yesterday and had his teacher check it out.

Sometimes I write on my blog, Emmet is really serious person.
It’s something I don’t have, so I’m always very impressed to see it, and sometimes makes me feel refreshed.
It would be a great combination if a couple’s opposite personality can be synergistic without resistance!
(What’s good about me?LOL)

As a result, there was only one correction point, and the rest was “perfect!”
I don’t know how long everyone has been practicing at home.
Emmet practices a lot every day to almost to the point that the carpet wears off.
I’m grateful that this serious and hard work ethic has been passed down to Fion with Emmet`s DNA!!

By the way, there are so many kinds of OBI.
Emmet is now a single orange line and aiming to get blue.
But he seems to be aiming for a black belt! Keep punching!!!

Of course, Fionn is very interested in karate.
Emmet and I have the same opinion, and if he is old enough to understand and be serious,
we are thinking of him getting started.

When I think about it, I wonder if five years old is OK to do Karate.
Of course, I’m sure there are a lot of serious kids at Fionn’s age.
Once we get him started, we want him to keep going, so we’ll think carefully about it when it is time to start.

I would be very excited if one day dad and son would go on to the competition and both of them would win.
In many ways, I’ve been feeling that martial arts is very good.

I really want you two to be strong with karate!


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