Last Sport festival

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The weather forecast predicted a cloudy day with relatively cool temperatures from morning till night, and I was worried it might be chilly, but look! It’s sunny! And the temperature was just right! Since it’s the last sports day, I’m really relieved!!!

I had been told by the teacher and Fiona’s friends for a while now that during the opening ceremony, He would be in charge of firing the starting pistol for the sports day. After firing the “shot,” there was a performance where he would blow “smoke” from his mouth and then holster the gun in an imaginary holster on his hip. Of course, it was a self-made performance. No one else was doing anything like that! Fionn truly lived up to expectations.

In the beginning, there was a relay race, and he was in the same group as his close friend, Kia. During practice, there were times when Fiona won, and times when Kia won, so Fiona would say, “I’ll probably come in second, but I’ll give it my all and try my best!”

True to his declaration, he gave it his all, leading from the “ready, set, go!” moment and maintaining that lead throughout. While their running speeds were probably similar, Fiona’s positioning allowed him to secure the victory! It’s his first time coming in first place at kindergarten, so we were all ecstatic!!!

In the high jump that followed, he had so much momentum and enthusiasm that he unexpectedly overshot the jump and ended up falling face-first onto the mat—a little accident.

As for the stilt walking, we were all cheering so intensely that we only recorded videos. The distance was longer than we expected, but Fiona finally managed to balance on the 5th stilt and reached the finish line. Watching this, Fiona’s younger sister, Yuna, cried even harder than the parents—her tears were flowing! We were all emotionally overwhelmed.

The class relay race, where Fiona’s class faced off against others, was another showdown with Kia. Just before the race, one of Kia’s classmates fell, causing an unexpected turnaround in rankings, and Fiona received the baton last. He held onto that lead until the end, ensuring his class’s victory! This was another situation where Kia and Fiona were neck and neck during practice, and Fiona’s determination to win was very strong.

Throughout the entire event, Fiona put in so much effort and approached everything with seriousness. We were all deeply moved watching him. It wasn’t just Fiona; all the older kids had grown so much and become very dependable, which was a heartwarming sight.

Yukiyam, Yuna, Nico, and Mito also came to support us and cheered enthusiastically the whole time, making it a real family celebration! By the way, Yukiyam’s photos mostly showed a stoic expression, so Yuna asked him to smile and throw up a peace sign occasionally! It was funny!

Furthermore, the annual tug-of-war between moms and dads was a heated battle that everyone participated in with all their might. We were shouting at the top of our lungs and completely forgot that we had fingertip injuries, but we lost! Still, it was a lot of fun getting everyone excited.

Oh, and the class relay race that Emi-chan participates in every year, as announced earlier, saw the teacher’s team, which had been in first place from the start, emerge victorious!!! It really gets everyone pumped up! By the way, the senior class team came in second place, so it was a 1-2 finish!

I always think the atmosphere at our kindergarten is great, with both parents and teachers getting along so well. In addition to that, the children’s commitment to their efforts and their smiles made it the best sports day ever!

Lastly, let’s record this moment of growth!

This is Fiona during the sports day when he was in Year 1.

This is when he was in Year 2, at 5 years old! This was when I had lost about 7 kilograms through dieting. I want to go back to that time.

This is when he was 3 years old in the bunny class at kindergarten.

And this is his very first sports day, when he was 2 years old in the chick class. So small!!!! Comparing them like this, he has really grown so much.

And just like that, kindergarten events are coming to an end, and graduation is approaching. Of course, it’s wonderful to see the children grow, but at the same time, it’s a bit sad!

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