Kindy Festival

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Today, our kindergarten’s annual evening festival, which used to be in scorching July, was moved to autumn starting last year. Even though the weather wasn’t exactly cool today, it was definitely more comfortable than July. There was a brief rain shower, but we managed to have an enjoyable festival.

Since yesterday, Fionn had been repeatedly saying, “Don’t forget, Mommy, we need to go to kindergarten at four o’clock!” It was unusual for him to pay such close attention to the teacher’s instructions. Usually, he’s quite absorbed in his own world and doesn’t listen to others. haha

We gathered at four o’clock, changed into his class’s happi, and started the performance by the older kids. They were fantastic! Their dedication and hard work really shone through, making them look incredibly adorable.

Afterward, we divided into groups by grade for the mochi-pounding game, where they threw lots of mochi and snacks for the little ones to catch. Fionn was at the very back and had quite an entertaining time, flailing around to catch the goodies. It’s just like him not to excel at this type of thing. That’s what makes him unique and endearing.

Fionn managed to collect about 15 pieces of mochi, which was more than enough! The kids who were really into it had large supermarket bags full of them! Afterward, I noticed that the teachers wore black half-coats with characters resembling Edo-era writing on the sleeves, and there was a prominent school logo on the back. I later found out that Yuna-chan (My sister) had made them. She creates lots of cool stuff for the school, including the school T-shirts.

Despite the rain that briefly disrupted our plans, Fionn enjoyed trying his hand at target shooting several times. He didn’t hit any targets but received compliments from everyone for his excellent posture and demeanor. It’s these little moments that make me cherish his unique personality.

We thought we might not be able to dance due to the rain, but it cleared up soon, and the teachers even spread dirt on the puddles to make the ground suitable for dancing. It was truly considerate of them, and we were able to enjoy our last Bon dance of kindergarten life. Mario and Yoshi joined us too!

Looking back, this was the evening festival for the kindergarten four years ago. It was indoors because of the rain, and it was sweltering. They were so tiny back then, and I still vividly remember that day. It’s hard to believe that four years have passed, and now they are all in their final year of kindergarten. Time flies, and their growth is both heartwarming and bittersweet.

The younger children inside the kindergarten danced along with their parents, but the older kids, the year-five students, danced independently, showcasing their maturity. As I watched this scene, I reminisced about their days at the kindergarten and felt touched. If I’m already feeling this way, I can’t imagine how emotional I’ll be at the graduation ceremony!

Before that, in two weeks, we have the sports festival, and I’m already on the verge of tears, considering how emotional I tend to get. I had an excellent time today, and I’m grateful for all the wonderful memories created at the kindergarten.

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