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Last night, while I was doing the dishes for dinner, I noticed Fionn talking to himself, muttering and drawing something. Turns out, it was this!

“Terminator”!  For a 6-year-old, that’s quite the choice! He’s a true fan of the Terminator series and has watched all the movies, especially his favorite, “Terminator 2.” (He’s been watching movies on his own since last year by searching for them on Netflix or Disney+.)

Upon closer inspection, he even included the word “Terminator,” and the hand holding the gun looks pretty good! It’s so cute that I’m thinking of making some merchandise out of it. (Total parent bragging, right? )

Yesterday, he was in full Terminator mode and wanted to dress the part. After a bit of convincing, we managed to turn a Nike windbreaker inside out, added a black T-shirt, pants, and sunglasses, and voilà—Fionn transformed into a mini Terminator!

He even added a red dot to his sunglasses to complete the look! 

While in character, he decided to watch “Terminator” again. He really loves it. Occasionally, he gets curious about how movies are made, so he searches YouTube to learn about behind-the-scenes details. For instance, he learned that the T-800’s exposed robotic hand is actually made from painted wood! His creativity knows no bounds!

It’s a bit hard to see, but in the middle of his artistic process, he decided to recreate the T-800’s hand using popsicle sticks. It’s incredible how his mind works. I usually share these real-time creative moments on my Instagram stories, and Yuki-chan, who enjoys crafting, always praises Fionn’s unique perspective and ideas. He looks so happy when he receives compliments.

And, speaking of Terminator, I’ve been sharing my knowledge of movies with Fionn since he was about two years old. We watch movies together and share our thoughts, creating a deeper connection through our shared love for cinema. It’s so rewarding to see him take such an interest and remember so much.

In the video, he did a final scene reenactment, and he asked me to edit it to add fire effects. So, I did the editing for him, and he watched the final result multiple times, beaming with satisfaction. It’s amazing to have a 6-year-old with such a creative and curious mind.

The next day, he was still in Terminator mode, practicing the theme song on the piano. He couldn’t play it all by himself, so he asked Daddy for help! His learning speed is incredible, and it’s so much fun to see him thrive in his creative pursuits.


The day after writing this blog, Fionn was still in Terminator mode and practicing the theme song on the piano. He just couldn’t get enough! And, of course, he needed a little help from Daddy. It’s amazing how quickly he picks things up from YouTube tutorials. I’m truly impressed.

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