Fire Fighting Experience

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Our kindergarten is known for its numerous events, and it gets even busier in the senior kindergarten year. It sometimes feels like there’s something happening every week.

For instance, last week, we had an event for Respect for the Aged Day, and just two days later, we were at the shrine for a taiko drum performance. Following that, we had a visit to the fire station. Strangely, I had noted “Fire Station 10:00” on my calendar, so I thought it might be an event where parents were invited. But when we arrived, there were only about ten parents in total. It turned out to be more of a casual visit, but still, we learned a lot.

We don’t experience the fire station in our daily lives, so there were many things we didn’t know. We often take things for granted, but it was fascinating to see the firefighters’ dedication and daily practices. I was particularly impressed when they changed into their fire-resistant suits in just 30 seconds. They wear these heavy outfits in scorching heat during the summer. Seeing this, I realized the tremendous effort they put into their daily training.

There was also a demonstration of an ambulance experience where everyone got to ride in the ambulance. Fionn had actually ridden in an ambulance once when he had a severe head injury on New Year’s Day. He didn’t remember it, though.

One child was designated as the “patient” and was carried on a stretcher was Fionn. It was a lively scene for a supposedly sick person.

However, Fionn mentioned afterward, “I was really nervous!” Even though he didn’t look it at all.

They explained various tools and systems to us in detail, and one of the firefighters, Asahi-kun, happened to be a classmate of my sister Mana-chan. It was a pleasant surprise!

Among the questions from the children, there was one from Asahi-kun: “What is the source of water for the fire hose on the truck?” It was a great question, and the answer was from two fire hydrants located next to the fire station. It made me realize how much we take for granted and overlook such crucial details.

Lastly, all the children got to experience spraying water with the fire hose, and Fionn, with his eager and focused look, received praise from the school principal for his keen aim.

At the end, there was a question-and-answer session, and Fionn confidently raised his hand and asked, “Where do you put the water for the fire hose?” It was another great question, and the answer was that they connect it from two fire hydrants beside the fire station. It’s something you might not think about until it’s asked.

In summary, it was an informative and meaningful time spent with very kind and cool firefighters. It’s easy to forget, but thanks to people like them, we can live with peace of mind. So, a heartfelt thank you to all of them!

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