Mikey in Kochi DAY2

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On the second day, which was a Friday, Fionn had a special event at his kindergarten in the morning called “Grandparents’ Day,” in honor of Respect for the Aged Day. Both Yukiyan and Mikey joined him at kindergarten. Afterward, we went to watch the rehearsal for the taiko drum performance that would take place on Sunday at the Hachiman Shrine!

I’d love to share photos of the adorable rehearsal, but I want to save the real performance pictures for later. Instead, let me show you a cool picture of Mikey, who is a professional taiko drummer.

When I first met him in Tokyo, he was in Japan to study taiko drumming in Asakusa. The Mikey I knew from back then and the one in this picture are like two different people! This photo really captures his cool side. If we had the chance, I would have loved for him to showcase his skills to the kids who are currently learning taiko at the kindergarten. (He was up for it, but there wasn’t enough time to coordinate with the kindergarten!)

This time, Mikey had a special request to go surfing in Kochi! So, we drove around to different surf spots, stopped by Bruce’s surf school (run by a friend), and got some surf conditions info. Then, we continued along the coast to “Tori-umi Shouten”!

Here, without hesitation, we all ordered the “Tenzaru Udon Set”!!!!! If you ever get the chance to visit on Udon Day, you must absolutely order the tempura too!!!! It’s unbelievably delicious.

The tempura had an incredibly crispy batter, and it paired perfectly with the salt. We were all so impressed with the flavors that we couldn’t help but rave about it. Even today, we keep saying, “I want to have that set again!” Oh, I want to go back!

Afterward, Eme-chan had his regular English class, so he worked while Fionn, Mikey, and I headed to the nearest beach. I had thought about getting back into surfing after a long time, but with Fionn there, we opted to play on the beach instead.

However, the waves were gradually getting bigger (though not quite to overhead size), and they were breaking pretty fast. It would have been challenging for me, especially after such a long break. So, I’m glad I decided not to surf this time.

Fionn brought his bodyboard and started by riding the whitewater waves. But as the shorebreak got stronger (and a bit dangerous), we moved closer to a small rivermouth and had a blast making things with driftwood and digging holes in the sand. It was a lot of fun!

I also got a cool cap from Mikey’s brand, “MANOA TAIKO,” and I couldn’t resist putting it on right away.

The weather was scorching hot, as if it were still summer, and the clear skies were a dream. Finally, He fulfilled his wish of surfing in Kochi,  Fionn seems super inspired to pursue surfing now too! 


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