“Overnight stay”

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Last Friday was the annual event for the nursery’s year-one kids before summer vacation – the “overnight stay” at the kindergarten. Since the children started in the afternoon, they could choose whatever they wanted for lunch. When I asked Fionn, he immediately said, “McDonald’s!!!” Of course, of course, it’s a special occasion, so it’s fine.

I prepared the overnight stay set just before departure, but it didn’t all fit in the bag I had in mind, so I split it into two JIB bags. When I posted it on my story, I got a lot of reactions like, “JIB!!” Haha!

To make sure he doesn’t feel lonely, Emmet and I have been brainwashing him, saying things like, “It’s going to be so much fun!” “One night will pass by so quickly!” “Sleeping with your friends is the best!” So, he went there really excited and relieved. He was all pumped up and ready to kick the ghosts and knock them down with one hit at the main event, the haunted house.

His homeroom teacher was waiting for them, and after saying their names, they were off!

He went there with such enthusiasm and didn’t show any signs of sadness, so I was relieved. It was perfect timing because, from that day, for three days, some friends from Tokyo came to visit, and it was convenient to be able to move around without Fionn. Great timing!

The next morning, they finished at 8:30, so it was over in a flash, but he appeared with such a happy smile. He had so much to tell! Haha!

He talked about making curry together, the haunted house (apparently, he was too scared to do anything!), fireworks, shower time, bedtime, morning walks, some kind of money-related talk – he was just so excited and told us everything.

However, when it was time to sleep, he felt lonely and almost cried while thinking about Mommy and Daddy. But he managed to concentrate on closing his eyes three times and fell asleep! So adorable. Thank you to the teachers for the fun time!!




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