29 class test day

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So the last week of every month is test day for Fionn’s swimming school.
Actually, next week is the last Tuesday of this month, but the fifth week is a day off, so today it was!

Fionn is always more confident than his ability in everything, so today he said “I’m sure I can do it!” and went into the pool in high spirits.

Since taking pictures is prohibited in the pool, only those who have been there can see his various efforts, but today he was doing pretty well, even diving and jumping into the water without goggles, which he is not very good at! I wondered if this was possible. I thought to myself, “What if this is it?” and then I found out he passed the 29th grade! Woohoo!

So he went to the receptionist and cheerfully said to a lady, “I want my badge!”.
He is the type of person who can ask a stranger or shopkeeper for something without hesitation, just like me.

So he got the 29th badge !
I’m going to sew it on his swimming cap by next time!
Fionn thinks it’s cool that kids have so many of these on their hats. It’s kind of a power to work hard, isn’t it?

Today, he said “Mommy! I got the new badge, so buy me ice cream!” like it was special, though he buys it almost every time.

He still happily says, “Let’s go to the pool” on Tuesdays when we get home from kindergarten! He is so happy to go to the pool when he gets home from kindergarten on Tuesdays, and he seems to be having a great time on the way and at the pool.
Now, let’s try to get him to open his eyes underwater!

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