Artistic Gene

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Lately, the plans for our own home have been slowly progressing, and I’ve been going to my dad’s and uncle’s workplaces more often. (Although the housing loan issue hasn’t been resolved yet though.)

Yesterday, we had a discussion about furniture, and when I went there, my uncle said, “I have something interesting to show you. Want to see?”

And it turned out to be a copy of a Basquiat painting! The quality of the copy was so good that it looked just like the original. My uncle Jun, who is the most artistic one among our relatives, is truly amazing.

Both my father and mother are skilled in craftsmanship. They both graduated from the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, and when they lived there, they had their own clothing brand. After returning to Nakamura, my father took over the family furniture business, so he makes furniture too, and he’s someone who can make anything he finds interesting, like pottery, knives, lures, leather crafts, and more. But painting is not his usual forte.

However, my father’s older brother, who copied this Basquiat, aimed to become an artist at an art university and has always been incredibly skilled at drawing since childhood. And their father (my grandfather), who was also a furniture craftsman, was a painter as well, so when it comes to painting, these two are definitely the best in the family.

Look, they used crayons, pens, colored pencils, and various materials to create these exquisite colors! He said it was so much fun doing it. I envy that feeling.

So, considering that Fionn is good at drawing and crafts, it’s definitely a genetic trait inherited from our artistic family!

By the way, my siblings each have their own areas of expertise. I think I’m good at designing spaces, like table setups and such. And my second sister is amazingly skilled at food presentation. The third sister is exceptionally talented at drawing. And our youngest one, Seina, is good at cooking and drawing!

Our areas of expertise are like a mix of both our paternal and maternal sides. Genetics is fascinating!

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