Beach day!!

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Today, many of my friends’ stories were filled with phrases like “Beach season has begun!” or “First day at the pool!” The weather was so nice that you couldn’t believe we’re in the midst of the rainy season.

In our case, we joined in the excitement and went to the beach for the first time this season. We often visit the beach, but it’s usually just to play on the sandy shore or explore the rocky areas.

However, this time, the main purpose was for Fionn to fulfill his long-standing dream of becoming a shark!!! When we visited the beach last year, he suddenly declared, “I wish I had been born as a shark, not a human.”

Even before that, Fionn had always been obsessed with sharks. We have many shark stuffed animals at home, and he owns a countless number of small shark figurines. He apparently saw YouTube a few weeks ago that featured something that could make him become a shark and swim in the ocean. So, he had been eagerly searching for it!

And here it is! Once he puts it on, he can become a shark, according to him! He had been eagerly waiting for this day ever since it arrived. He took it with him to swimming lessons last week to see if it works, but of course, they said he couldn’t use it (I actually told him beforehand that it wouldn’t work, but he insisted on trying it out himself). So, he asked me if we could go to the beach all day since it was sunny today.

Thanks to his swimming lessons, he can now swim using a flutter kick without taking a breath. He really feels like a shark now! However, when he watched the video later, he seemed slightly disappointed (apparently, he thought the shark fin would be visible on his back).

He said he wanted to surprise some elementary school kids who were playing in the sea. He told me, “Mommy, I’ll pretend to be a shark! Watch this!” and then he dove underwater and swam toward the older kids.  he shouted as if he were a shark and then swam closer to the older kids. When the older boys noticed, they started acting and shouted, “It’s a shark! Run!” They were so kind.

When he asked them, “Did you really think it was a shark?” the older boys said, “Yeah! We were scared!” Fionn was so satisfied. They were such nice kids. I’m so happy that my child can grow up in such a wonderful environment.

Today, the water was slightly murky, probably because it rained quite a bit yesterday. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic environment. Most people went to the nearby beach for the official beach opening, so I’m glad we chose this quieter spot since I also wanted to swim in my swimsuit.

We played for about three hours and finally, Fionn said, “Mommy, I think it’s time for me to change.” While we were playing, a young guy started fishing right in front of us, and we could see that he had caught something. Fionn, from the water, asked, “What did you catch?” and “Can you show me?” When he finished changing, he said, “Let’s go see the fishing!”

We walked over, and Fionn asked, “Hey, can I see the fish you caught?” and “Can I touch it?” The guy kindly allowed him and said, “See you later!”As usual, Fionn is extremely sociable and talks to anyone without hesitation. The guy was also very friendly and nice.

After seeing this series of photos and the story posts, Emmet, who had been staying at home, said, “I want to go with you next time!” So maybe we can go to the beach with the three of us next time. I’m happy because I’m usually in charge of going to the sea or river. The seawater is already warm, not cold at all, so my favorite season has begun!

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