Boys night

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(This is a blog translated into English using chat GPT)

They have regular Boys’ Nights with Matt and Alvin, who have completely different personalities and hobbies. This time, it was a kinda farewell gathering for Matt because his family is returning to Canada in two weeks, and they will be away for two months! So, it’s a “have a great time” gathering since we won’t be able to see each other for a while.

Matt hasn’t been back to Canada for about five years, so he was really looking forward to this day! Like us, none of us ever imagined that a pandemic would happen, so people living abroad have had a long and lonely time without being able to see their families.

Boys’ Nights usually involve everyone bringing something, and this time Matt and Alvin brought some deli dishes. I made a simple pasta with lots of tomatoes and eggplants, chicken salad, and fried potatoes.

This guy said “I was excited for Boys’ Night too because I’m one of the boys” so he took a shower and got ready before everyone arrived. Fionn was all prepared and even joined the conversation at the same table. Of course, it was all in English, so it’s really appreciated to have this kind of environment while in Japan.

These three are really good friends. They lined up in order and gave each other shoulder massages, and they were having fun, giggling and fooling around.

After dinner, they moved to Eme-chan’s room for a movie time. Fionn didn’t stay there for more than an hour, but everyone treated him kindly and made him feel like a part of the group. The next morning, he woke up and said, “Ahhh! Yesterday was so much fun!” It’s amazing how he can do these things when he was just a baby not too long ago. He has grown so much.

Speaking of Fionn, he unexpectedly passed the swimming level-up test today! He just needed to be able to submerge for 10 seconds and do bobs (the bobbing-up-and-down thing). He didn’t know the details of the test, so he wasn’t expecting much, but after it was over, he said, “It was a piece of cake!” Haha.

Now it’s time for a long-awaited treat, ice cream. He’s gradually able to do more things, and since swimming seems fun for him, I’m glad I enrolled him in swimming lessons.

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