Charged without permission!

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Only people who have seen my Instagram stories would know, but a few days ago, Emmet suddenly showed me an email saying, “What’s this email?” It was a payment notice email from Nintendo. Five of them, to be exact!!!

Of course, the culprit was none other than this guy!!!

I had a feeling something was off! On that day, for some reason, he was always away from me, engrossed in playing the Switch. At times, he would sneak away to play even under the bed covers, sweating away. But I didn’t really suspect anything and just casually asked, “What are you doing? Aren’t you hot?” Little did I know, he was in the middle of his crime at that time!!!

The reason behind all this? Well, here it is! After many years, the second collaboration with Terminator came out, and Fionn, who has loved Terminator since he was little (thanks to the influence of Emmet, of course), desperately wanted the Terminator skin and couldn’t resist buying it. What’s more, when I asked him about it later, he said:

  • He knew it was wrong.
  • But he thought he wouldn’t be allowed to buy it even if he asked.
  • If he missed this chance, he might never get this skin again.
  • So, he thought, he might as well do it even if he gets scolded.
  • He didn’t want to regret missing out on it!

I totally get the reasoning behind it. In fact, if he had asked me this time, I might have even bought it for him because it’s a special occasion.

By the way, in our house, we have a rule against in-game purchases, but there was one promise I made in the past. He really wanted a Spider-Man skin, and I promised that if he could open his eyes underwater during swimming practice, I would buy it for him (he had trouble opening his eyes underwater). So, I bought a skin just once back then, and my credit card details remained stored from that time!!!

But since I have only bought something once, and since he still can’t read these letters well, when I asked how he did it, he said he looked up the process on YouTube beforehand… Our friends praised him saying, “You did it! Impressive!” But as a parent, I have mixed feelings.

Emmet, who usually never raises his voice in anger, was really upset this time. He was a bit nervous and taken aback, but it seemed to be within expectations for him, and he didn’t throw a tantrum or cry, which was a relief (that would have been even scarier).

After that, of course, both the Switch and the iPad were off-limits. Emmet, in his emotional state, declared, “You’re banned for a month!!!” But ever since then, even though he says, “I want to play,” he’s given up completely, and now he’s just been watching Terminator’s Fortnite videos on YouTube, and even watching movies whenever he gets the chance.

Yesterday, he suddenly put on sunglasses, grabbed a toy gun, and role-played as a T-800 Terminator in Emmet’s English conversation class with other kids.

And if you look closely, he even colored his hand with a pen to transform into a T-800!!! Lol

And in an app where you can draw cute Peppa Pig illustrations, he drew this picture too! Can you recognize it?

Yes, it’s that famous final scene. He does this all the time in the pool too!!! Haha!

Originally, he was supposed to be banned from playing games for a whole month, but kind-hearted Emmet understands how Fiona feels, and he knows what he did was wrong, so he said, “I’ll forgive him and let him play again starting tomorrow!” So quick!!! Haha!

But he didn’t complain or make any demands and accepted his punishment every day. He even refrained from using the skin he had worked so hard to get. That’s why I think we’re pretty lenient parents!

Oh well, I guess we’re just a super indulgent set of parents!

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