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A “160 cm tall and weighing 64 kg” doesn’t have to be thin… The Japanese image of “obesity” is medically wrong!

I found an article with this title just the other day.
I’m not 160cm tall and I don’t weigh 64kg, but at 157cm tall, this balance is not far off at all.

The picture is from “NEST west garden tosa” where we had lunch the same day I read this article.

I, Emmet, and Fionn are all little chubby by Japanese standards.
But when the three of us are photographed together, it may not be noticeable because we all have such a body shape, but when standard Japanese people are with us, we can feel how thick our bodies are.
But when we went to Australia this summer, we didn’t feel that way at all, because there were so many people around us who were much bigger than us.

When I say that, people always tell me that Westerners and Asians have completely different builds, and that I shouldn’t think of them as the same, but this article I found says something like this!

・Only 4% of Japanese need to lose weight
・Overweight people in Japan are not actually overweight.
・People with a BMI of 25 live longer.
・Japan’s obesity standards are not based on clear data.

If you are a little bit on the chubby side in Japan, just like us! You must be very interested in this!
For more details, please go to the article here and read it carefully!

Until a few years ago, I didn’t know that body structure is mostly influenced by heredity, and as I recall, height is inherited at a rate of 65% and obesity at a rate of 75%.
(This was written in Rei Tachibana’s book, “The Brutal Truth You Mustn’t Tell,” which is an interesting book, so if you are interested, please read it!)
My father and mother are not overweight at all, but my aunt and grandmother have a very similar body system to mine, so this may also be a genetic inheritance (blame it on others!).
Incidentally, along with my body shape, the biggest influence of heredity is my athletic ability, as I wrote in my blog about Fionn a while ago!

I don’t know if my current body shape is due to heredity or not, but I’m trying to lose weight again, but it’s hard to lose weight and easy to gain weight.
My sisters are so different from me, they are so thin and look great in their clothes, and I look at them and think “I want to lose weight and look cute in clothes! Some days I wish I could lose weight and look cute in clothes, and other days I don’t care about my weight at all.

The only thing I am glad about this article I found this time is that “people with a BMI of 25 live longer”.
I don’t have a BMI of 25, but I’m sure I’m in the colored section of the table, so it seems I’m the long-lived type! Yay!

It says that medically speaking, a person who is about a little overweight in the Japanese sense of the word is the best type of person. That’s great!! lol

But actually,
it seems that skinny people have their own problems too, especially if they are over 40 and too skinny, wrinkles show up and they look old.
I’m a little chubby, so I don’t really have many wrinkles, so I didn’t mind, but when I hear that even skinny people I envy have different problems, it makes me think that everyone is not satisfied with themselves in some way.

I found such a convenient article, so I can be positive about being a little chubby again, but the truth is that my face is always kind of flat and my eyes look puffy these days when I take pictures, so I want to lose just a little more from my medically “the bes” weight so that I can feel confident about myself, and I like it. then I can wear clothes that I like and feel confident in.

That would be -7kg. That’s not a little…



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