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When I was having Netflix time with Emmet after Fionn went to bed, I really wanted to eat curry.
It’s not Japanese curry, it’s Thai curry like this!!!
Then, two years ago today, we wanted to eat curry again, so a picture of us eating it came up!!Lol

So I was thinking maybe it had something to do with the temperature, and it happened a lot!!!

The medicinal ingredients of the spices used in curry include digestion promotion, stomach health, and appetite promotion.
It seems that it contains a lot of things to cheer up the internal organs that are tired from summer fatigue!
But isn’t it amazing that your body knows that and wants it when it is hot?
(Is this common sense by any chance?I just didn’t know???)

But the weather was so nice that I wondered if the rainy season was over today, and it was really hot.
I’m sure my body was so hot that I wanted curry. Human beings are amazing.

The curry at this time was from BLUE ELEPHANT, which my travel-loving friend bought us as a souvenir from Bangkok.
Ah!!! I want to eat this spicy curry in a comfortable room with an air conditioner tomorrow!!!

Yes, these pineapple-patterned dishes that we often use for Thai dinner…
At first I bought it at a general store, but after I found them more little by little on the Internet and bought more.
The Thai dishes and the curry together has a great atmosphere, and the table is cute, isn’t it?

Well, when I suddenly went to visit my parents’ house, I found this same pineapple-patterned pot!
My mom was also collecting dishes with this pattern!!
I don’t think she cooked Thai food, so I think she used it in a different situation.
I was kind of happy that there was a link between parents and children who were interested in the same thing.

Let’s have a Thai dinner on the weekend ♪

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