Drawn by 6 year-old-Fionn

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One evening after dinner, Fionn, my son, said, “Mommy, I want to draw you!” He looked at my face seriously and started drawing it over and over again.

It was quite different from his kindergarten doodles, as at home, when he’s focused on drawing something, he really pays attention to the shape. So, I love all of his drawings from those moments!

But, wow, the way he drew is quite something, haha!

And here is the portrait he made of me! It actually looks quite similar! I can feel his growth, and I love this style.

If you look closely, you can see that he drew eyeliner, eyeshadow, lower mascara, and even a shadow-like detail at the corner of the mouth. When I draw, I don’t pay attention to those details, but it’s interesting to see that Fionn tries to capture those elements faithfully.

After that, he went to Emma-chan’s room, where she was watching a movie, and said, “I’m going to draw Daddy too!” Here’s what he drew, and it looks just like him! Haha, I can only see Emmet in it now!

So, I decided to digitize them since we went through the trouble of drawing them. I did this three years ago too.

I have it displayed on top of my current computer. This drawing is from Fionn’s third birthday when he first drew Mommy and Daddy. It’s amazing how much humans grow in just three years!

I decided to add some colors to it as well. Adding color makes Emma even more like herself, right? Haha, the nose looks different between me and Emma, and it actually resembles us! Keeping records like this on paper can be challenging, so having it in digital format is convenient.

But, I’ll still print it on paper because it’s a nice touch, haha!

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