Fun family home dinner

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On Saturday night, after the kindergarten’s fall festival, Emmet took us to the newly renovated Yamasaki for dinner.
So in return, I cooked a house dinner on Sunday, per Eme-chan’s request!

Before we left for Australia, the mint that had been in a vase for so long that we couldn’t use, had grown roots, so I planted it in the vacant lot in front of our house, and it has grown normally in just a little over a month! That’s mint with a lot of life!

For this day’s menu, I found some Parmesan cheese that I bought at Costco the other day that I could use, so I tried it right away!
In the countryside, we can’t usually find this kind of cheese in supermarkets, so I bought a large one. And the expiration date is in March, so it would be good !

This size costs about 2,500 yen! It’s much thicker and bigger than it looks in the picture, so I think it’s a good deal!
I love the smell of freshly shaved cheese, even if it’s cheap one!

When I posted this on my Instagram, some people asked me how long it takes to make a dish like this.
I went to the store at 5:00PM and came back at around 5:30PM. From there, I set the table and started cooking, and it was ready at 7:00PM, so it took about an hour and a half!

For the main course, I made chicken parmesan as requested by Emmet (but in my style, I don’t put sauce on it, I dip it in the sauce) and wrapped seasonal fruit persimmons with prosciutto which I also bought at Costco and basil, with salt and pepper and olive oil!

The grilled vegetables I’ve been making lately are carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes and asparagus.
I’ve also been making a salad with avocado and parmesan cheese and a shredded purple cabbage.
I know I’ve been seeing a lot of these on menus lately!

It was the middle of a three-day weekend, and I had the next day off, so I had plenty of time to relax!
I was ready to drink too! If I eat and drink like this every weekend, I’ll never lose weight.

I just took them for my Instagram and blog quickly!! So, I didn’t really notice but when I looked at it later, I wish I had served it more nicely.

Yes! I didn’t know how to put a video of ourselves on here before (or I was too lazy to look it up), but I wanted to keep it because they were so cute that day, so I looked it up and did it right away!

Because I was doing this, the video from yesterday’s wedding came up and I posted it on my blog because I missed it.
I’ve set up a youtube channel, so I’m thinking about doing some videos in the future!

All three of us were in high spirits that day, and we talked a lot, ate a lot, and drank a lot!
Emmet and Fionn danced and sang and had a great time!!

I’ve always loved the combination of persimmon and prosciutto, but Eme-chan said it was super tasty too!
I really wanted to make it with seasonal figs, but I highly recommend this combination too!

After dinner, the three of us watched the movie “Ghostbusters: After Life” that Fionn had chosen.
It was much more interesting than I had expected and I was so moved by the movie that I cried at the end.

I looked beside me and saw that Fionn was also crying, saying “I’m crying”.
Emmet was very happy because it was his dream to be able to see a movie like this with his family.
We are lucky that Fionn is such a fun-loving and easy-going boy.

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