Haircut day!

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The long, long summer vacation is ending tomorrow! Phew, it sure felt lengthy. We’ve been having Fionn at home day in and day out (well, except for Wednesdays when we sent him to kindergarten for a breather and to focus on work). Having Fionn around has significantly affected work efficiency, to be honest.

And not to mention, with the two of us, we can’t easily manage casual lunches or quick dining out options, making things a bit less smooth. But that’s about to change soon! Although once Fionn starts school on Friday, the weekend will arrive in a flash.

Today, we went to Nico, the hair salon run by our friend Kusume-kun, where we always ask for Fionn and Emmet’s haircuts. By the way, Fionn has a piano recital on Sunday! Usually, it’s held in winter, but this year, it got moved up due to the cultural center we usually use being demolished or something.

Of course, Tarou-kun and Goody-kun are here too. Wherever we go, these two are almost always together!

As far as we can tell, He is hardly staying still, and his sitting angle keeps getting lower, heads moving around, so we were constantly attentive. Yet, dealing with such active kids, Kusumoku-kun efficiently and smoothly cuts his hair – truly amazing how professional he is.

This time, for the first time ever, he even got a shampoo, and Fionn was so excited, exclaiming, “It feels so good—I might fall asleep!” He chatted excitedly throughout the experience. I’m truly grateful to Kusumoku-kun for always being gentle and conversational.

Oh, speaking of which, during the conversation while getting their hair cut this time, I noticed something for the first time: Fionn had already picked out his outfit for the recital himself! And what’s even more surprising is that he seems to have consulted with his piano teacher already. I was totally clueless and bought his an outfit from H&M, hahaha.

Well, if he’s already consulted with his teacher and got permission, I’ll let him do as he pleases, but geez, he could’ve told us a bit earlier! Parents finding out just three days before the actual event—hilarious! But he has her own ideas and thoughts, negotiates properly, and I love that about him.

And his haircut looks super cool, so he’s all set for the recital!

Emma-chan’s looking neat and tidy too! Kusumoku-kun, thanks a bunch for always making the Butler boys look so cool!

Well then, I’ve got a sudden rush job with a deadline for tomorrow, so I’ll be focusing on that now!




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