Happy Mother’s Day!!

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(This is a blog translated into English using chat GPT)

A few days ago, in the evening, Fionn suddenly wrote a letter to Mummy and brought it to me. The paper had a heart symbol on it.

Inside the letter, it said, “Mummy, R.S.V.P. Saturday Mother’s Day Dinner. Yes or No. 6 PM.” It was an invitation to the Mother’s Day dinner. I think Emmet must have come up with the idea, but it’s adorable how the two of them cooperate like this.

Yesterday, those two took me out to the dinner they planned.

The place was Sakura Ville, where we’ve been going for special occasions even before Fionn was born. Looking back now, I can’t believe we took him there when he was just a baby. He was such a good child, never crying or anything.

Fionn had a hamburger with a special fluffy egg on the kid’s plate. They always make it so wonderfully matching his age each time, and I’m truly grateful for that.

By the way, since it wasn’t a set course, we made a deal that he could play games after finishing his meal. So, he mostly played on the Switch from the middle of the dinner. Recently, Emmet set a limit of 45 minutes per day for gaming, but on this day, he allowed him to play longer, and he was overjoyed.

We started with appetizers (forgot to take a photo!). Then, we had an incredibly rich carbonara. At that time, I still had plenty of room in my stomach, so I nibbled on the leftovers from Fionn’s plate here and there. Little did I know I would regret it later.

Next was the fish dish. This pan-seared white fish always has crispy skin and tender, fluffy meat. I’ve never made it myself, but if I find some slices of suzuki or tai, I’ll try making it sometime.

Finally, there was the incredibly tender and delicious roast pork! But at this point, I was already feeling like I couldn’t fit any more food in my throat. I even tried unbuttoning my pants to make room, but I gave up after eating just half. Such a waste!!!

Of course, I couldn’t eat the apple pie dessert either. However, they packed it up for me to take home, and later at night when I had some space in my stomach, I ate it! Haha.

Emme knew from the beginning. She said, “If you can’t eat the course meal after snacking on Fionn’s food, it would be a waste, so I won’t eat.” I should have done the same.

So, thanks to the two of them, this year’s Mother’s Day became a really enjoyable time. Thank you!

I’ve only been a mother for six years, but thanks to Fionn being born and coming into my life, I’ve had so many new experiences during these six years. I feel like I’ve developed emotions and ways of thinking that I wouldn’t have felt if I didn’t have a child. I say this every year, but being a mother makes me appreciate my own mother even more, and it’s a bit lonely that I can’t meet her and express my gratitude. It’s also very regrettable that I couldn’t introduce such an adorable grandchild to her. I know she’s watching over us, but I still want to see her.

Mom, thank you for giving birth to me!

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