I can see some progress!!

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This picture looks for a moment like a pregnancy test, but it’s the air jump rope I wrote about a while ago.
Since the day I bought it, I’ve jumped over 2000 times every day except when I’ve been on vacation! Isn’t that amazing?

But it only takes me 10 minutes or so, so it’s not that hard. I’ve gotten used to it and can afford it.

I don’t know why I gained a little weight when I came back from the trip (that’s really strange), but the next day, last Saturday, I started jumping every day again.
and I lost 2.1 kilos in 5 days until this morning. !!!! Isn’t that crazy?

I’ve got something else that’s working for me this time, and that’s an app called Asuken!
It’s usually at the top of the list for calorie counting apps.
It’s so good!

When I take a picture of the menu, it automatically analyzes the contents.
It then records what you ate and how many calories you have left, and tells you how many calories you need to consume.
I’m eating too much saturated fat and not enough calcium, so it tells me what I need to eat more and I can check a menu with ingredients I need!

I used to find it tedious to register for these kinds of things, but this one is fun to fill out.
so I’m excited to do it after every meal or exercise.
And even though I’m the only one who sees the results, I’m eating less and thinking more about what I eat because I want to improve the results.
(But I still eat my favorite ice cream every day)

Before I had Fionn, I used to wear bikinis everywhere without worrying about my age.
Now I’m in absolutely no shape to wear such a thing, but I feel like I could lose weight just like that!

I wish I could go back to the way I was in this picture! But I’m a big-boned, solid-boned person, so I was still over 50 kilograms even then.
Then how much do I weigh now? I can’t tell you! But I’ll do my best!

And I’m bringing a jump rope to Australia to prevent weight gain: !!!! I really recommend jumping rope!

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