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This title is not in my words.
It is not a cookbook by Tasan Shima, but an essay written by her and her husband.

(There are recipes in the second half of the book!)

I sometimes check her recipes on the Internet because I like many of her dishes and there are many recipes I want to make.
I happened to find this book on Nikkei Book Plus, and just by looking at the table of contents, I thought this way of thinking is very nice and I would like to refer to it.

But I haven’t read it yet because I haven’t bought it yet (I should write a blog after I buy it, right? lol)
But don’t you get the feeling just from the title in the table of contents?

Before I got to knew Eme-chan, I was the type of person who would overdo myself. I would get angry or get in a bad mood if someone didn’t do what I wanted.
But after getting to know Emmet, I learned patience, I became able to think of others and act steadily, and above all, I became much more considerate of others than before.
I have an acquaintance who really disrespects her husband and treats him like a fool and treats him roughly and without appreciation. I almost became like the lady if I didn’t see Emmet, so I’m really glad I met him.

In the introduction to Shima’s essay, she says, “He is my best friend, and no matter what I choose to do,He will stand by me and support me no matter what” and because I have met someone like that, Emmet always supports me and always stands by my side, so I feel that I can support Emmet and we can support each other.

However, there are still many things I am not mature enough to do yet, and I will never be able to find other people’s wonderful ways of thinking and habits by myself, but if I read books like this, I might be able to put them into my own mind and make them into habits, so I have been paying attention and reading a lot of books lately.
In the past, I would never read an enlightening book! I used to think, “That’s religion, right?”, but when I got interested in reading them, I found many thoughts that made my life easier (and in the end, many of them are the same).

I’m going to go to the bookstore and buy both books when they come out, because “à table SHIMA: Welcome to the Tasan Family Party” will be released on November 15.
Today’s blog sounds like an advertisement. But I really like Shima’s personality and her cooking!
I’ll blog again after I buy and read them!

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