Indiana Jones

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Emmet’s English Conversation Class started the 5th week holiday system last year. We took advantage of that and had the perfect opportunity to watch the latest Indiana Jones movie on its opening day, first thing in the morning!

June 29th (Thursday) and 30th (Friday) were the long-awaited 5th week holidays. By chance, there were no classes at the kindergarten on Thursday, so I thought, “Hey, we can stay overnight in Kochi!” and immediately made a hotel reservation using the travel support program.

Afterward, I realized that Friday was the opening day of Indiana Jones. However, Emmet had a kindergarten class starting at 3 p.m., so I was worried if he could finish watching the movie in time to make it back. But when I checked the screening schedule three days ago, I found out that the first show was at 9:45 a.m., ensuring that he could make it!

It was a long-awaited movie day for our family of three! The last time all three of us watched a movie together was over a year and a half ago, on Fionn’s first movie experience day. Since then, it has been either me and Fionn or Emmet and Fionn watching movies.

This time, it was a movie that everyone was interested in, so it was rare for us to all be able to watch it together! And what’s more, on the first movie day, Fionn had to go to the toilet multiple times, which was quite challenging. But since then, he can concentrate on watching without needing to go to the toilet even after drinking juice, so it’s a relief.

The movie was really exciting! It had unexpected twists, and opinions about it may differ depending on how you interpret them. Emmet loved it, including all those aspects! Fionn was extremely satisfied and said, “It was soooo awesome!” But I wonder how much he actually understands since he can’t read the subtitles and is just listening in English.

After the movie, the two of them immediately went to the merchandise area to check out the Indy goods! Even though they don’t look like it, they ended up buying a figurine that cost a whopping 3,900 yen. And Fionn opened it right away in the car, which made Emmet sad, haha. Moreover, the gun and rope disappeared from the car in no time…

But it’s great that we can watch movies as a family! I wish the movie theater was closer…

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