iPhone submersion

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Fionn and I went to Kashiwa Island today because I had to deliver some work, so we just hung out at the beach!
But I don’t have any pictures of it, because my iphone was submerged in water!

So, this is a picture from 4 years ago when we went to Kashiwa Island. Aww he is so baby!!

Or, to be more precise, it was not submerged in water.
I checked the water proof rating before using it in the ocean and found that it is water proof, but not perfect, so I didn’t use it in the water at all.
But with wet hands, I felt like I was touching it a lot. But this isn’t a waterproof level. ?????

And what happened to it was that it worked just fine in the ocean, and it worked just fine in the car on the way home.
But when I got back home, I thought, “Well, I haven’t looked at social media most of the day, so let’s check it out…”
Suddenly, I started to get ghost touch (iPhone started typing and opening apps on its own) and I wondered if it was hacked.
I restarted it once and the touch panel didn’t work at all and I couldn’t do anything….

The only thing I can think of is that I used it a lot with wet hands, so I searched for “touch panel not responding” and found that one of the reasons was “submerged in water”!
And I found that the reason for ghost touch was also submerged in water.

And what’s more! I’m connected to the cloud, so all my photos are always shared to my iPad without my permission.
I don’t know why the before and after pictures of the ocean are there, but not the all of the ocean’s ones. !!!!! Why? Why? Why?

So, maybe there are no photos of Fionn’s great progress in swimming that I took a lot of today.
Also, the Google Authenticator app for 2-step verification is not backed up in the cloud.
That’s why it’s such a huge hassle and a dangerous thing to do.
Other than that, I’m sure everything else is backed up, so it’s fine, but not having an iPhone is really inconvenient.

I hope the repair shop fixes it tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

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