It’s been a while since I’ve had this feeling!

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(This is a blog translated into English using chat GPT)

It was such a nostalgic feeling! Meeting up with friends and having drinks together, just like old times. And these were the friends I used to play a lot with.

This time, we gathered on the last day of Gami-san and Maiko-chan’s visit to Shimanto. Satoshi and Kanae-chan (the owner of GACHA) Ni-chan and Makoto were sitting at the table in the back. We all went to the beach together and had a party. They are the friends with whom I had the most fun in my 30s.

With everyone having kids and various things happening, like Garfies, where we used to gather, closing down, our get-togethers have become less frequent as we entered our 40s. But when we do meet up, it’s always fun.

When they stand together like this, everyone looks tough because of their tattoos, but they are all kind-hearted and regular people with jobs. In the big cities or in Australia, you would see many people like them, so it wouldn’t stand out, but in the countryside, it does. Haha.

For example, Tak-chan, who joined this time, is the president of a company with hundreds of employees! It’s not good to judge people based on appearance. It’s not disappointing, but rather a waste! When you interact with people without bias, it opens up various worlds, which is beneficial for oneself!

The place we went for dinner was “Masudaya,” which is also the restaurant of one of Eme-chan’s students’ father. All the fish dishes were delicious, and the smoked bonito, which is their specialty, was as delicious as ever!

Moreover, I tried smoked pizza, which I had never eaten before, and it was delicious, and the chicken nanban was also delicious! Usually, I order what I like, but since I left it to the organizer this time, I was able to try various dishes that I don’t normally eat, and it was great.

Well, when close friends gather like this, talk a lot, and have plenty to drink, the food becomes even more delicious, right? We hadn’t done this kind of gathering for a while due to COVID-19, but we decided to meet up again because it’s really fun. I’m so happy about such an opportunity.

For the second venue, Tak-chan, who passed the Tequila Maestro exam, took us to Seiko-chan’s Lapin, where he taught us how to enjoy good tequila. We had tequila, rum on the rocks, and rum and coke here, and we had beer and cold sake at the previous place. We drank quite a lot, but I didn’t have a hangover the next day! I can handle most alcoholic drinks, but usually, tequila gives me a hangover. However, good tequila doesn’t seem to have that effect!

We ended up hanging out until around 1:30 a.m., and since there were no taxis available, I walked home!

When I arrived home, I was surprised! My sister was taking care of Fionn, so Emmet, who left during the first round, was fast asleep, and Fionn was awake and playing games by himself!! So much for coming home early! I guess Fionn thought he could get away with it because no one was scolding him.

By the way, my son, who is in the last year of kindergarten, stayed awake until 2 a.m. on a day when there was school! What’s going on with that?!

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