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(This is a blog translated into English using chat GPT)

Last week, one night, Fionn suddenly called out, “Mommy, come here! Take a picture of this!” from the bedroom. When I went to see, he had taped a Star Wars Stormtrooper to the wall and was holding a shark stuffed toy, waiting.

I wondered what it was all about, but then Emmet came and immediately said, “Oh! Jaws!! Fionn, it’s awesome!!” He quickly understood that it was a parody of the Jaws movie poster. They truly are a remarkable father and son duo.

So, the picture I took at that moment is this one. Fionn said, “Mommy, write ‘JAWS’ on this photo, like a poster and put some water!”

I made it and showed him the result 10 minutes later! It turned out quite good! Due to my profession, things like this are incredibly easy for me. Fionn asked me to post it on Instagram, along with the photo I took when he said, “Mommy, take a picture!” When I posted it, it received more positive feedback than I expected.

In that case, let’s turn it into a real poster! So I went ahead and made it! Initially, I thought about making it in the standard poster size, but printing just one copy turned out to be expensive (around 3000 yen), so I printed it in a slightly smaller A2 size (which still cost about 2000 yen). (Yes, I can be frugal in situations like this, haha.)

I summarized this whole series of events and posted it on Instagram yesterday. A movie-loving friend of mine immediately contacted me and said, “I want one! I want one!” So I said I would make one for you! Then, other friends also started saying, “I want one! I want one!” and I quickly ended up adding three more to the order. As I was planning to print all of them, I realized it would cost quite a bit of money (yes, I’m frugal again, haha).

So, I thought, let’s print about 10 copies (that way it would cost around 1000 yen per copy) and sell them with Fionn’s signature and numbering! I made the announcement, wondering if anyone would buy them, and in no time, I had reached 10 people! They sold out immediately! I was surprised!

By the way, for those who don’t remember, here’s what the original looked like. Fionn didn’t look at this while making it, so it’s impressive how well he remembered it.

Oh, by the way! He happened to meet Gami-san, whom I mentioned in my previous blog post, the day before. He drew a shark on his arm, so Fionn was delighted and took a photo together with it.

In the end, when the 10 copies sold out, I made that announcement, but then I received messages from five people who hadn’t checked Instagram right away, saying, “If it’s still possible, I want one!” So, to accommodate them, I decided to make 20 copies.

However, that means the unit cost for each copy will be around 750 yen, so I decided to use the remaining amount to buy proper packaging boxes and include some extras when shipping them. This time, since it was something Fionn made, I set it up so that there would be no profit. But Fionn doesn’t understand that, so when I told him we sold 15 copies, he thought he would receive money and was extremely happy, haha. So, after consulting with Emmet, we decided to give Fionn a reward of 100 yen per copy!

He said, “Mommy! What if I sold a thousand copies? I would become super rich!” he’s quite the businessperson! Haha.
By the way, if anyone reading this blog is interested, I still have five copies left, so I’m selling them! 😉

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