Kawa jan Rock Fes

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A week ago today, We went to a new event called “Kawai (river) iinei!” which is a combination of the Butler family’s favorite “Kawajan Rockfest” and the YEG event “Fun and River” that took place last Saturday.

It was a little chilly when we woke up today, but a week ago, it was completely hot and the two of them were sleeveless.
I hate it when fall turns into winter so suddenly.

The manjusaka (mandarin duck) was also in full bloom, though it was almost finished.
The Butler family often goes to this picnic spot, which is a nice place with beautiful rape blossoms in spring and manjusaka flowers in autumn.

I seemed to have seen a flier from a year ago, which mentioned a “Kids Social Distance Event.
If you catch a lot of bugs, you can get candy! Fionn went to the event with full of enthusiasm to catch bugs.
Later, I found out that it was a mistake because there were no sweets available at the headquarters or anywhere else…. Sorry!

We went there for lunch too, so Emmet got a hamburger!
I wanted to write down which shop it was, but I don’t remember! But he said it was delicious!

I had already decided before we went, Azuma’s chashu-don!
It’s really good! I even thought about going there yesterday because I knew they were selling it at lunch time at City Hall.
I wonder if they have it at Azuma Ramen Restaurant late at night?

Oh, I was sleeveless too! It’s easy to forget how hot it was when the temperature is so different in just one week.

We were in the shade of a tree right behind the stage, and the timing was perfect for the fun musicians that followed, just like at Kawajan!
I wonder if other festivals have this kind of ride and this kind of atmosphere. I love it so much.

Fionn, who has received Emmet’s gifted education since he was a child (though it is quite biased)
When “Don’t look back in anger” by oasis comes on, he says “Yeaahhh”.
He has been able to recognize The prodigy, METALLICA, White Snake and The Smashing Pumpkins etc… just by listening to their intros since he was about 3 years old.

Eme-chan is pictured with Tadashi, one of the organizers.

Fion is pictured with his daughter, Akari.
The kids seemed to enjoy dancing to the music, eating ice cream, catching bugs, picking nuts, etc.
It was a really nice event!

The next day, Sunday, there were many more events for children to enjoy.
But we couldn’t go because we went to Osaka.

I used to do a great job of organizing these events (see my blog for a recap!), but I’m tired of being the organizer of these events and now I’m just a guest.
But I hope that even as times and generations change, we can continue to do things that we can enjoy using the nature and the wonderful community here locally.
Thanks for all your hard work, staff!




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