Long-established coffee shop Seagull

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(This is a blog translated into English using chat GPT)

Today, we finally went to the restaurant we had been saying “Let’s go!” to for a long, long time! The members were my sister Yuna-chan and Wakamatsu’s young landlady Chiaki-chan, so it was difficult to coordinate our schedules.

The restaurant we went to is called Seagull in Shimanto Town (formerly Kubokawa). As expected of a restaurant that has been around for over 40 years, even the signboard is incredibly cute. It’s rare to see handcrafted fonts like this made by old signboard makers, so I hope they continue to preserve them.

We arrived a little earlier than 12 o’clock, so we were the first customers, but as soon as it turned 12, more and more people came, and it was almost fully booked. Moreover, the age range was incredibly wide, and it really felt like a restaurant that has been loved by the local community for a long time.

The lunch menu is mostly this. Since we had a specific purpose, we didn’t choose anything from this menu, but the Neapolitan looks delicious when I see it on Instagram.

Since we went through all this trouble, let’s borrow some photos from Seagull’s Instagram! Their photos are really good.

Our target was this!!! It was an authentic spicy curry. I kept seeing it on Instagram, and as soon as I started following them, they regularly featured this curry that looked so delicious. By the way, today’s options were Eggplant Chicken Curry and [New] Coconut Milk Rice and Pork Keema.

I had been pondering which one to choose since I already knew the menu before we went, but when I asked, they said we could have it as a combination. That’s right, all the ones that appeared on Instagram were combinations, haha. Combinations are the best!!! In the second half, they mixed in all the vegetables and even changed the flavor. It was satisfying and full. Yuna-chan and Chiaki-chan said the Keema was incredibly delicious, but I personally loved the Eggplant Chicken. It was incredibly delicious!! I really love curries with a strong spice flavor like this.

You can choose your drink after the meal from these options. They have lassi because they have curry, and they even have seasonal lassi, which is irresistible.

So, let’s borrow a photo from Instagram here as well. Oh well, the photos are really good. In this day and age of social media, when you see attractive things and upload them with even better photos, it makes you think, “I want to upload that too!” and it increases customer traffic. I think that approach is really clever.

And speaking of the current seasonal limited lassi, it’s Mandarin Lassi, and they use syrup from Soul Soils. It’s a great choice! It’s a brand from Kochi, and the packaging is also very nice. I’ve been curious about it for a while because their company policy is focused on fair trade in production, and I’ve been following them.

By the way, even though I’ve been writing so much about lassi and syrup, the drink I ordered was Hot Ginger. It was a bit chilly with the rain, so I thought, “Definitely this!” when I ordered it, and it turned out to be a ginger drink with a punch. Oh yes, I noticed during the payment that the drinks were 200 yen off the menu price. I’m grateful.

Apparently, Mr. Hashimoto, who returned from Osaka a few years ago and decided to run the cafe with his mother, is a very friendly person who talked about various things when taking orders and serving.

And guess what? My favorite NAIJEL GRAPH was among the art displayed in the shop! I’ve had NAIJEL GRAPH’s ET illustration as my computer wallpaper since last year, so it was incredibly exciting to unexpectedly come across it here! And there was also Kumatani’s WIND AND SEA, and the clothes I was wearing were from Takimaki-san’s husband’s NEIGHBORHOOD. I was curious about the records they had on display too, there were so many interesting things.

So, Emmet-chan also says he wants to try it, so let’s go again soon. It was a round trip of two hours for lunch, but with three people, the conversation never stopped, so it felt like no time at all!

If you’re curious, definitely give it a try!

Cafe Seagull (Morning, Daily Special Lunch)
Shinkai-cho 1248-6, Takaoka-gun, Shimanto-cho

Morning: Every day
Curry Lunch: Thursday to Sunday (Closed on the 1st Sunday of every month)
Napolitan: Wednesday to Sunday (Closed on the 1st Sunday of every month)
Daily Special Lunch: Tuesday to Friday
Closed: Irregular holidays
Parking: 5 spaces available
TEL: 0880-22-2722

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