Looong Jorney!!!

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Well, the day to leave Japan has finally arrived! Just before we go, we stop by my parent’s house.

Bye bye dad for a while! Well, as usual, when I go to any country, my father’s reaction is light, it is only “okey!” That’s all.

So, our first destination is Kochi Airport. It takes two hours to get there from our house.

At Kochi Airport, we found out that our checked luggage will go to our final destination, Perth, all the way! I’m so happy about this.

Fionn has actually flown more than 20 times, but he can hardly remember any of the previous flights, so he was very excited about flying.

He was still full of energy when we moved to the international terminal!

Of course, he’s with his good friends, the family Taro and Goldy!

We arrived at the gate about an hour ago, waiting for our second flight.

I’m sitting right here at this very moment, next to Fionn as I write this blog.
Now we are going to Kuala Lumpur, our transit destination. I’m going to spend the night on the plane.

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