Lunch once a month!

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Whenever I pass by the Saga area for work, I try to get here for lunch as many times as possible.
Emmet and I have lunch here about once a month.

The Hata dialect on the sign at the entrance is very strong!
I don’t use it because I rarely speak this dialect, but my son learned most of his Japanese in kindergarten.
I’m surprised at how much of the local dialect he is speaking. Of course, “Aichou de! is normal for him. lol

Usually, I have the No. 16 Tosa Katsuo-don, which is a bowl of rice topped with sauce, bonito tataki, fried bonito, and soboro.
(just writing that makes me want to eat it!).
Every time, Emmet chooses the number 15, the Kuroshio Katsuo Donburi, so I went for that too!

It was also delicious. !!!!!
I think I like this one better than the Tosa Katsuo Donburi I’ve been having!

The kakiage with shimeji mushrooms, chives, and ginger, a specialty of Kuroshio Town, is absolutely delicious!
The Soboro has a lot of spices in it, which makes the meal go down a treat.

Emmet never eats fish at home, but he will eat delicious tataki and sashimi outside.
Well, it’s true that the fish we eat at restaurants is fresher compared to the supermarket.

Anyway, all of the Katsuo donburi series at Navura Roadside Station are delicious, so be sure to try them!

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