Maico and Gami came to Kochi!

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(This is a blog translated into English using chat GPT)

Actually, Maiko-chan and Gami-san came! But Gami-san is really busy with work and couldn’t join us at all, so I’m hanging out with Maiko-chan.

We’re both here all week, but I have work and Fionn’s extracurricular activities, so we’re meeting up in between our schedules.

First, we went to our mutual friend Tadashi’s restaurant, “Think Shokudo.” Well, you know Maiko-chan, she goes for beer from lunchtime, haha.

Last time, I had the rice set, so this time I went for the sandwich set (Emé-chan too). It had everything—chicken, sauce, vegetables—and it was incredibly delicious! Highly

Maiko-chan had the young corn and shrimp peperoncino. She ordered a smaller portion since she was going to have some drinks. She knows what she’s doing, haha.

These two share a love for the same movies!!! So, since they hadn’t talked about it in a while, they had a fantastic time catching up. The last time they met like this was three and a half years ago during the Mad Max event for just the two of them.

But Emé-chan has his classes, so we split up here, and I took Maiko-chan to the station.

Why? Because Maiko-chan is going to climb Mt. Ishizuchi by herself tomorrow! You wouldn’t think so by looking at her (you can’t judge by appearances, haha), but she’s really into mountain climbing! And she’s into marathons too!! So, it was like, “Of course, Norio-san would be into that too!” Norio-san also loves mountain climbing and marathons!! Since it’s her first solo mountain climb, she wanted to get some advice from Norio-san, who knows a lot about Mt. Ishizuchi. I just love connecting friends like this!

Maiko-chan’s husband, Gami-san, is a tattoo artist! So, both of them have lots of tattoos, and people tend to judge them based on their appearance. Well, that’s inevitable, but Yukiyann and Marichan (my parents) who also have tattooed friends, so I’ve never had any prejudice towards that. And Fionn, who’s growing up in the same way, doesn’t have any either.

Among my dad’s friends, there are people who went to the same fashion school, stylish ones, and even those who look like the real deal. But these friends are just ordinary people they have known since childhood. They have been friends all along, treating each other as regular people, even with grandparents and neighborhood kids. It was normal for them to interact with people wearing eccentric clothes or people from different nationalities. Maybe that’s why it’s connected to my identity now.

I happen to have many friends of different types, occupations, nationalities, and races. It’s great because it naturally exposes me to various ideas, thoughts, and feelings. And I really enjoy connecting completely different people!

Even this time, Norio-san and Maiko-chan wouldn’t have had any contact under normal circumstances, but they became really close! It would be amazing if everyone could connect without judging based on appearances or occupations! That’s what diversity is all about, right?!

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