My mom’s car

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Two years ago today was the day I said goodbye to my mom’s car, which had been a very important to me since my mom passed away!
Wow, facebook and google really remind me of good topics, don’t they?

My mom passed away in August 2005, so for 15 years from then until July 2020, we kept the car.
Whenever the car went bad, or any part of the car broke, I got it repaired over and over again and took good care of it.

I was forced to move to Shimanto from Tokyo when I was still in my 20s.
Just looking at the picture, I can remember when this was taken! This is when we went to Matsuyama with my sister Mana to visit Coca-chan at the hospital!

This is when I was taking my younger brother Seina to his coming-of-age ceremony.

This is when I was taking my family to the airport to see Seina’s college graduation ceremony and when Mana gave birth to a newborn.

This is when the two of us were heading to the wedding venue on the morning of the wedding.

This is when Fionn was discharged from the hospital after he was born and went outside for the first time.

And this is the day we gave up the car, the day we took the last commemorative photo.

I don’t know how everyone feels when they say goodbye to their car, but for me, it was like saying goodbye to my mother.
In my case, I thought of it as a memento of my mother, and I drove it for so long that I couldn’t help but miss it.
I remember feeling guilty because I felt like I was losing a part of my mother.

Now, I don’t miss the car at all, because I only have very good memories of it, and I don’t usually think about the car.
But when I have a chance to look back like this, I get a little sentimental as the memories of my mother come back to me.

At the time I got rid of my car, I kept the keys that I had used every day for 15 years as a memento.
I still have it, and I’m sure I’ll never throw it away.

I’m the type of person who keeps things like this forever.

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