Osaka trip!

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Fionn has been looking forward to this trip to Osaka for a long time. This time it was a birthday trip for his cousins!

Emmet couldn’t come this time because he had to work. Fionn was so excited to get ready in the morning to leave for Osaka, but when it came time to say goodbye to Dad, he was so so sad, he couldn’t stop crying.

I almost cried myself to tears when I saw his sobbing because he had hardly been away from his dad since he was born, even though he would be able to see him the day after tomorrow! LOL!

But, you know, once the car started moving, he was totally fine with it and never once talked about Daddy on the way.

When we got here, the memories of 3 months ago came flooding back and he was so excited all over again! LOL!

He was showing his cousins who were here for the first time that he knew more about the place than they did, and he was explaining all the stores to them like he was used to it.

We went back to the hotel and called Emmet on FaceTime, but he didn’t talk to him that much. On the other hand, Emmet, who was still in the same mood as he was in the morning, was disappointed and missed Fionn!

Well, tomorrow, I’m going to spend the whole day with the kids and do my best!




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