Preparing at a leisurely pace

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I realized we are going to be in Australia in 3 days!
Fionn just said we have to sleep two more times! I was a little panicked but it’s three more days since we leave on Sunday, right?

The difference of one day at the end of this situation is huge, and as I mentioned before, I’m a type B person who can’t concentrate until the last minute.
I haven’t even put all the stuff in to the suitcase yet, but I feel much better now that I have decided what clothes to bring.

I thought it was mid-summer here and mid-winter there, but winter in Perth is like spring in Kochi!
I was looking at the temperatures for this month and next, and the lowest temperature will be 10 degrees Celsius, but the highest will be 20 degrees Celsius! It’s not that cold.

The other day, I went to Kusume’s place at Nico for Fionn and Emmet’s haircuts.
If they don’t cut their hair while they are there for 3 weeks, there is a possibility that they will grow too long there.

When I try to cut Fionn`s hair, he moves so much that I can’t even give a decent cut.
But when he went to a professional, he was so smart and didn’t move at all.
You can do it!

This week, I was thinking about what to bring for Fionn, and I wondered if his shoes and clothes would be okay.
I let him try on the shoes and clothes he wore in the spring, but he had only been wearing sandals for the past month or so, and his feet had grown even bigger. So he couldn’t wear his shoes anymore!! I was so surprised.

I rushed to the nearest ABC Mart to get measured and bought a pair, then went online to buy two more pairs in that size.
The speed of growth of a 5-year-old is frightening…. And he already weighs 26 kilos! He is a real size 8years old kid, even though he is 5.

I’m not quite ready with my luggage yet, but yesterday I was looking up information about geography, transportation, currency exchange and baggage drop off locations as we will be in Kaula Lumpur for 13 hours before our connecting flight to Perth.
I feel much better about that too.

I don’t mind if it’s a leisurely trip, but it’s only 13 hours and I don’t want to waste any time.
I wonder if it has something to do with my type-B personality that I have to thoroughly research these things? Or maybe it’s just a difference in personality to begin with.

The two boys are just counting down the days, but their mother, I am checking where the cheapest parking is at Kochi Airport, and Japanese food we can bring to Australia (Australia has very strict regulations on what you can bring in with you!) I’ve been so busy doing research and doing things that would be easy to do in advance.

Tomorrow is the day to pack my suitcase and complete my luggage all at once!!
My sister told me that “If I were you, I would have finished it already and just check it every day for the last week!”
I’m sure sisters have very different personalities.

Kusume-kun, thank you for making our boys look so cool!!
He is a friendly surfer, camper, fisherman, good cook and fashionable guy.

2590-1 Irino, Kuroshio-cho, Hata-gun, Kochi 789-1931

Recently, if you make a reservation, he is open at night, so if you only have time on weekends, but want to use those weekends for fun!
please contact him!

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