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(This is a blog translated into English using chat GPT)

Yesterday (the day after being discharged), every time I lay down on the bed or leaned on the sofa, my abdominal muscles hurt, and I would go like, “Ouch, ouch, ouch.” Also, if I laughed and forgot about it, it would hurt like crazy.

And there were some discomforts I didn’t experience with previous general anesthesia, like numbness in my lips, a sore throat, and muscle pain in my neck. The doctor said they would go away in 2-3 days, but I even searched the internet to see if it was true. Because, you know, when I lie down, not only does my stomach hurt, but my neck also starts hurting, and I can’t even move my neck while sleeping.

But I found on the internet that it’s written the same, that it will get better in 2-3 days. The cause is apparently the instrument that passes a tube through the mouth when inserting a breathing tube, which can cause lip injuries and even break teeth! Isn’t that surprising? It was also written in the preoperative instructions, and right before the surgery, they even asked, “Are there any loose teeth?” (laughs) And because the tube that was inserted can damage the throat, it can make it difficult to speak or cause pain. It’s the first time I’ve experienced so many different pains with general anesthesia. Maybe it’s different from the previous hospitals and methods?

The surgery was on Tuesday, so counting from there, today is the third day, Friday! Since the doctor also said 2-3 days, I thought today would be quite different. When I woke up this morning, I was surprised! My throat and neck don’t hurt anymore, and the numbness and swelling in my lips are mostly gone! And the pain in my stomach is almost non-existent when I do normal activities. Instead, the incision is itchy! (laughs)

Yesterday, I still didn’t feel like going out, but today I suddenly felt motivated and went out to eat the curry lunch I had been aiming for at Moé-san’s! I always wonder what the name of the restaurant is, but I can’t find it, and there’s no name on Instagram either, so maybe it’s a nameless café. It’s located inside Shimoda Park.

Looks delicious, right? Last week and this week, my lunch has been curry, and today I had a combination of rice and pork spicy curry and vegetable curry. It was delicious! Each dish was tasty and had a lot of effort put into it. I really admire and envy people who can cook like this (and it seems they’re self-taught).

By the way, it’s usually only open on Fridays and Saturdays, and the menu changes each time, so it’s good to check on Instagram! Today, we went at 11:30, and there was a reservation for 12 o’clock, so we made a promise to finish eating within 30 minutes. It was a close call, but there were still seats available since they only have two four-person tables and a counter, so I recommend making a reservation.

But if the weather is good, there are stone tables in front of the park, and you can even have a picnic on top of this hill with a mat, so that’s also a good option! Let’s do that next time!!

It’s really normal to go out for a little lunch on a whim, but with being hospitalized, having surgery, and recovering this week, I couldn’t do ordinary things that I usually take for granted. So, I deeply realized how grateful I am for those ordinary things.

Actually, I still haven’t been cleared for a full-body shower yet (I can only shower my head or lower body so that the surgical site doesn’t get wet). I’m really looking forward to Sunday when I’ll finally be allowed to take a full shower! And once it’s been a month since the surgery, I’ll also be cleared for exercise, so I’m gonna lose some weight, woo-hoo! (I’m motivated!)

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