Relatives gather!

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The Butler family has been enjoying what seems like an extended weekend.I’ll write more about that tomorrow, but for now, let’s talk about what happened when we went to Wakamatsu for dinner this evening.

Yuki-chan’s (my father’s) sister, my aunt, came back to Shimanto from Saitama for the first time in a very long time, so we had a dinner party with my relatives! The place was everyone’s favorite, Wakamatsu.

This is my aunt Setsuko, the eldest of her four siblings!
I am also the eldest of four siblings, so we are team eldest!

And these two are my aunt’s cute little brothers, my uncle and father.
I didn’t know the age difference between them, but my aunt and my dad are 9 years apart!
Fionn, of course, didn’t understand the relationship, so I explained to him that he is Yuki-chan’s brother and Yuki-chan’s sister, and he said “I mistook Yuki-chan and Onii-chan when I came in!” He said, It’s true that these two brothers look like each other, don’t they?

This is a picture of my uncle and father when they were kids. It’s exactly the same! They haven’t changed at all!
I have a lot of these photos on my cell phone, so when we have gatherings like this, I take them out and let everyone reminisce about them, and listen to them talk about various memories from the past. Today, too, dad’s sisters and brothers talked about various stories from those days, and about people I am connected to through them.

It was over 60 years ago, but everyone remembers it as if it was only a few days ago! But I also have vivid memories of my childhood. It’s really fun to reminisce, laugh, and talk about those memories with the whole family over a meal.

I was going to take a group photo at the end, but I forgot all about it! Too bad.
But my cousin’s son is getting married next year, so I hope to have a big family reunion!! I mean, I want to go to Tokyo for the first time in a while!

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