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The weekend was a bit of a hassle with the ever-changing weather due to the influence of the typhoon, switching between rain, clouds, and a little bit of sunshine. After a long time, my niece Nico-chan and her brother Mito-kun, Fiona’s cousins, came over for a sleepover!

What makes me happy is seeing how much fun Fionn is having. He’s doing things that I and Emmet wouldn’t do, engaging in children’s conversations, sneaking around doing secret things, and just spending time with other kids in our house, which he’s so excited about and it’s heartwarming to watch.

For dinner, I responded to their requests and made meat sauce pasta! Also, grilled vegetables and salad, the usual weekend dinner at the Butler household.

After dinner, Nico and Mito brought out a color-matching game for a tournament! I didn’t know the name of the game, so I searched for “game where you win by aligning four circles diagonally, vertically, or horizontally” and it came up immediately!

Fionn is really good at tic-tac-toe, so I thought he’d catch on quickly to this four-in-a-row game too. I had Nico play with him before dinner, and he quickly grasped the trick. In a serious match against me, he won! Emmet also lost to Mito, and ultimately, in a showdown between Nico and Mito, Mito-kun emerged as the winner! He won 500 yen!

After that, we did various activities involving paper and tablets, including drawing.

We tried out trick art we found on YouTube, downloaded a drawing app and played a game where we had to draw something with a single stroke. We all had so much fun playing and chatting together, non-stop. (Me too, haha!)

Fionn was thrilled that there were still two of them in the morning. he said, “I want to eat together with Nico and Mito!” while they were eating next to him. he also mentioned, “Eating meals like this together with everyone is fun, isn’t it? It’s nice!”

During breakfast, we turned it into a trivia game, each sharing a piece of trivia we knew. Fionn said, “I know one too! Do you know about White Holes? It’s the exit of a Black Hole!” He understood the concept of trivia, and he shared something that was quite advanced, surprising everyone. (And it turned out to be true when I checked!)

Today, it rained heavily and didn’t seem suitable for going out, so we played games leisurely. Even with this, we were able to battle together and help each other out, and everyone’s spirits were high throughout.

Having Nico and Mito around frequently feels like having older siblings, and it’s really reassuring.

Oh, that’s right, a watermelon growth report! When we started planting these seeds, Nico and Mito were visiting for dinner, and they were amazed by the growth when they came over. The true leaves have appeared after the cotyledons, and the leaves are starting to resemble watermelon leaves! I wonder if we’ll be able to grow watermelons in our home garden?

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