Swimming school he was looking forward to!

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Last week was the first day of kindy after our return to Japan, so Fionn took a day off from swimming because I was sure he would be tired.
Just before it was time to start, I casually said Fionn, “I’ve decided not to go today!” then he said “I wanted to go though!” He got angry with me.
I didn’t know Fionn was looking forward to swimming so much.

So, every night from that day on, he asked me, “How many more nights to go?” He counted down the number of sleeps.
Finally, today, the day of swimming, he put on his new rashy and swimming pants that he got in Australia!

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to take pictures, so I can’t show the record of my son’s growth to Emmet, who can never come at this time because of his work.
He can now do the face-building without goggles, and he also did the one where you breathe out of your nose in the water and suck in your mouth when you get out of the water!

And he was able to do the “kenobi,” where he stretches out his hand straight and the teacher pulls him back and he goes “tsun tsun.” !!!!
I’m so happy to see how much he’s grown in just one day.

I couldn’t take a picture of the pool, so I took a picture of my luggage basket.
I don’t put them in a pool bag just because it’s a pool, I carry them in a basket! It’s so convenient and easy to get in and out.

The coach also said to me, “He did a great job today!”
He was very proud of himself. He asked for ice cream as a reward.
I wonder if the ice cream vending machine here is a reward for everyone? LOL!

As I mentioned before, the swimming school I went to as a child was extremely spartan (hard training).
It was a way of doing things that wouldn’t be possible today, but the coaches here are really kind and praise kids very much, so the kids seem to naturally increase their self-esteem while having fun!

I reported back to Eme-chan in the car and was so happy to be back home!
It may not be the season for swimming in the ocean or rivers anymore, but maybe next summer he’ll be able to swim!

Anyway, it suddenly got a lot cooler today, as it usually does after a typhoon!
It’s even a little chilly at night with the windows open! I’m surprised at the sudden arrival of autumn.

It’s getting dark earlier and it looks like winter will be here before we know it. Oh no!

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