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When we stayed in Kochi last Thursday and Friday, there was an unplanned dinner gathering that suddenly came up!

As usual, I was posting Instagram stories to let people know what I was up to. Then, I received a message from a friend saying, “Are you in Kochi? If it’s okay, let’s go out for dinner together!” Since we didn’t have any specific plans and were thinking of having a quick meal at a friend’s okonomiyaki restaurant, I immediately replied, “Of course! Come join us!”

It was Maki-chan who came to meet us! We had been connected on Instagram and often exchanged messages on each other’s stories, so it didn’t feel like it had been a long time. However, in reality, it might have been about almost ten years since we last met in person! (laughs)

She came with her husband Sekki and their son U-chan! Actually, Emmet and Maki-chan had never met in person before, but until last year, they were only teacher and student in an online English conversation class via Zoom. It’s funny, right? Despite seeing each other’s faces and talking every week, this was their first time meeting in person!

So, even though it didn’t feel like a first meeting, we raised a toast to “Nice to meet you!” Nowadays, things like this happen quite often. Even with my recent clients for work, I’ve been introduced by friends or connected via LINE, and we frequently communicate through messages. However, I’ve never met some of them in person, and in some cases, I haven’t even seen their faces. But they often know a lot about me and my family through my Instagram, for example. It’s quite common.

On that day, even when we visited a friend’s house before the meal, it was the same. Children instantly become friends as soon as they meet, as if they’ve been friends forever, right? They immediately start talking about games and playing together. On this occasion, U-chan and Fionn had a normal conversation and played together. I guess it’s a common occurrence these days.

In the end, what was supposed to be a casual meal turned out to be so enjoyable that we stayed until we became the last customers at the restaurant! Moreover, something unusual happened. Emmet and Sekki got along incredibly well and were having a great time together! Normally, Emmet would occasionally need me to interpret, but on that day, they were having such lively conversations on their own! They happily followed each other on Instagram and made plans to meet up again soon.

Maki-chan is an amazing cook and always invites many people to her home for meals. She invited us with a heartfelt “Please come!” So we will definitely go!

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I live in the beautiful prefecture of Kochi, Japan. I’m married to a cheeky Australian and we have an energetic young boy. I’m interested in family time and enjoying nature.