The Poop Drill Series!

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The Butler family has made their debut with the “Poop Drill Series!” (Whoever came up with this is a genius!)
Fionn, the boy of the family, has a wide range of interests. He knows a lot about dinosaurs, Star Wars, and games, and has an excellent memory.

However, there’s one thing he’s not interested in at all—reading. Even though he has study time at kindergarten to learn how to read and write, it feels like he could read better when he was in preschool. (He only learned a bit of hiragana from the names written on his friends’ gym clothes.)

But his friends give him letters, and some of them even read books. As a parent, it can be a bit worrying. Well, I know they’ll eventually learn on their own once they’re in elementary school, but…

That’s why I decided to buy Fionn the “Poop Drill” that seemed to pique his interest the most. And as expected, he absolutely loved it! Laughing It’s no wonder, right? Having poop as an approved study material is the ultimate delight for a kindergartener!

Moreover, his pencil grip was quite unique, and it seems like they’re working on fixing it at school. I’m truly grateful for that.

I thought he couldn’t read or write at all, but to my surprise, he can read a lot of words. However, he still lacks confidence in about one-third of them. So, until he enters elementary school, both the kindergarten and I will do our best to help him improve little by little. (But let’s be honest, it’s me who will be doing most of the hard work. Ugh, it’s such a hassle!)

Today, I came across an illustration on Instagram by chance. It seemed to be from a Spanish person, and the caption was in Spanish. So, I used my trusty ChatGPT to translate it, and it said:

“Imagination. I won’t say that television or screens don’t help develop it, but they provide more precise information, leaving less room for soaring.”

That’s so true! While there’s a lot to learn and experience from television and movies, reading allows us to use our imagination and expand our horizons based on limited textual information. It’s incredibly important, and personally, I loved reading when I was a child because it allowed me to immerse myself in a world that only existed within me.

So, when I think about it, it’s fine for kids to search with their voice and watch YouTube videos, but I also want them to enjoy books. (Yes, I’ll do my best to encourage Fionn to study and read.)

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