The Road to My Home, A Fateful Encounter

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Our long-awaited dream of having our own home has finally started to take shape! However, we’re still uncertain about the amount of loan we can get, so it feels a bit like diving in without knowing all the details.

We found a pair of talented architects who are based in Tokyo and Kochi. They designed a recently built home for our close friends, which we visited not long ago. The experience was absolutely breathtaking, and it made us even more excited for our own home! These two architects came to Shimanatsu yesterday and today, and we had a delightful dinner together.

Their personalities are truly remarkable! We knew from the start that we shared a common point, as we all attended the same high school by chance. Moreover, it turns out that the art teacher I had when I was studying for my art school entrance exam is their grandfather. It’s amazing how various connections unexpectedly come together, making me believe in the power of destiny.

Today, we went to the actual construction site to check everything in detail. The design ideas they presented were completely different from what I had imagined if we were to build our home on this land. In fact, we received around 12 different design options before finalizing the temporary concept. Isn’t that impressive? Being able to envision the scenery and atmosphere from the dining area at the actual site significantly boosted my excitement.

They also visited our current home, examining the amount of belongings we have and our lifestyle. They will take all these factors into consideration when planning the storage space and various other aspects. Afterward, we went to Dad’s workplace (after all, our new home will have multiple functions!), and they gained a better understanding of his job. We’re heading in a great direction, and we’re determined to make our dream come true in the best possible way!

Two years ago, we couldn’t purchase a specific plot of land, and at the time, Emme and I discussed how it might not have been our destined location. Now, we’ve found the perfect plot with an incredible location, and we’ve met the most amazing architects. It strongly reinforces our belief that this is our destiny!

Let’s give it our all and make this dream a reality! I’ve always had a strong belief that my wishes come true, so I’m determined to make it happen this time too!

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