The wedding party anniversary I totally forgot!

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In other countries, there are many people who have their actual wedding certificates signed on the day of their wedding. But we were legally married in March and had the wedding party in September.
So, for those friends and family members who have that kind of feeling, they used to send me messages of “Happy Anniversary on 9/27! messages.
But that’s not the case anymore, and there were no messege from SNS “how many years ago was this today!” I had forgotten about it.

Then, last night, I remembered! And in the middle of the night, Emmet and I talked about how it had been 8 years since then.
Then we talked about the past and the future together until almost 3 am!

I love this picture! Almost all of my cousins, aunt and uncle, and Emmet’s family together!

This picture is my family and mom’s sister and cousin Mitsuka-chan! I really really missed mom at that time.

Eme-chan, who had already been drinking while watching the movie, was a little drunk when he finally said
“Thank you so much, Thanks to Lina, I have a very good life, keep up the good work!” He thanked me so much and gave me a big hug. It made me really happy.
And I’m the same way. Thanks to you, Emmet, I have a wonderful life and I’m very happy to have met Fionn.

I wanted the wedding to be exactly where I wanted it to be and how I wanted it, so I made and set up most of the things myself, so it was a lot of work, but it was really fun and I have the best memories.
It was a really fun ceremony and I have the best memories of it.

We also had a great group of people to take pictures with four days before the wedding, which was a lot of fun, and I’m still very grateful for all the great pictures and the things we got from them.
(I’m uploading some off shots here from my phone, even the sunrise shots are really beautiful, aren’t they?)

By the way, this is the same beach Fionn and I went to last week.
This is also the beach where Emmet and I went on our first date, so it’s a place that holds a lot of memories for us.

Thanks to Jikei for the photos and Ai-chan for the makeup!
They came in the middle of the night and surprised us with a lot of things at the beach, and we were blessed with a beautiful sunrise.
I hope to see you again with this group.

Of course we will celebrate our wedding anniversary as an anniversary, but I will cherish our wedding party anniversary in the future to remember how grateful I was that everyone came to our wedding and blessed us with such a wonderful time.

I know, because of Corona, there is a tendency to think that not having a wedding is a kinda ok and a good idea, but speaking from experience, you should definitely do it!
There is no other day in your life where you can be with so many people and have so much fun and be so thankful!

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