There we go again, Kashiwa Island!

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Kashiwa Island last week for the first time in 3 years, and here we go again!!!
My sister and her family saw the pictures and SNS posts from last week and they wanted to go! So we went!

Fionn also said let’s go to that best beach full of fish again! So it was good timing!
Two weeks from now, we’ll be just about to arrive in Perth and it’ll be winter then, so we’re packing in as much summer as we can.

I’m having déjà vu with all these angles.
I almost never have my picture taken, so I’m in this position.

The water was as beautiful as ever!
The water is so clear that you can see the bottom even though it is quite deep, right?

Kashiwa Island is usually divided into two areas, the beach we are at and this is the other area.
This is not a beach, but a rocky area.
But there is a bridge, so there is shades and it is very popular! I think this one is more crowded.

On the map, point 1 on the upper right is the beach we usually go to, and point 2 is the place in the picture.
The yellow circle on the road is where I took the photo of point 2 today, and this is the bridge.
On the left side of the bridge is an island called Kashiwa-jima.

The parking lot is on Kashiwa Island across the bridge, but I just measured the distance from the parking lot to the beach, it is about 500 meters.
That’s a bit far for Fionn, who is 5 years old, to walk in the hot sun.

We had two adults with us today, so we drove there and one of us went to the beach with the kids first and the other one went to the parking lot afterwards.
It was so much easier to split up! Fionn was so happy not to have to walk!

My niece and nephew brought their own nets, so they were more desperate to catch fish than dive in the second half!
We could see so many fish around, but they swam so fast that they couldn’t catch even one.

Of course, the underwater bucket worked great today again!
Fionn was slightly panicked when he saw a blowfish that happened to be nearby.
He was seriously screaming “GAAAAHHHHHHHH! He said it looked like a monster when he saw it for the first time.

My sister Yuna and I swam close to the children without using anything.
Even with the naked eye, we could see many striped fish and white fish.

Kashiwa Island was full of fun memories, and Fionn’s wish to go back soon came true!
I can’t imagine being in a cold place two weeks from now, wearing long sleeves…

Tomorrow morning we decided to meet up with Fionn’s good friends and go to the river pool.
I’ve been going to the beach and river more than usual this year. Much better than playing games at home!!!

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