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This morning, I talked to one of my friends on the phone and texting with another friend
they both said, “Oh! Today is Thursday, so you are taking your dad to get a massage and then have lunch together!
I’m pretty happy to have friends who are reading my blog!

I decided to take my dad to massage and have lunch as it is Thursday.
Then I can see him regularly once a week, and my dad, who lives alone, can eat delicious food and talk with someone.
My sister, who finished at the hair salon, also joined us today.

My sister and I went to lunch together yesterday and had a plan to go out for dinner tomorrow too, so it will be 3 days in a row!!
We are really close because we usually talk for more than an hour every time we call during the day or at night.
It’s not just my sister Yuna-chan in my hometown, but also my other sister Mana-chan in Tokyo.
Whenever I talk on the phone, an hour goes so quickly.

My second sister, Mana-chan lives in Tokyo, so it’s hard for her to see our dad.
But she can check about dad on my blog and see the real-time Instagram stories. So she said this is good for her.
She hasn’t seen him because of Corona for a long time, and just talks on the phone to him.

By chance, I got a call from Mana-chan in Tokyo, returning to the carpark after lunch.
I put the phone on speaker and we all talked together.

Actually, we have another brother, but it’s a little different compared to a sister’s relationship.
But it seems like he checks my instagram from time to time, maybe it’s only for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and other family-specific posts.
Sometimes he does a “like” to my post, but rarely.
Seina-kun, my brother who is 16 years apart from me, is quite a free man.

Seina-kun, who is probably about the age of Fionn now, and I, who am about twenty, and my father, who is about the age of me now.
It’s a picture from about a quarter of a century ago, but I remember it like the other day!
I miss it.

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