Very much growing!!

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(This is a blog translated into English using chat GPT)

So, last autumn, I bought a short-sleeved T-shirt, and I remember getting it slightly oversized. But when I tried putting it on him, it was already tight. I mean, Fionn has always been big since birth, but lately, his growth has been incredible.

I was browsing H&M to buy shorts for Emmet when I stumbled upon these cute kids’ T-shirts priced at 700 yen. They had designs that perfectly matched my taste, like Stranger Things and SpongeBob.

But guess what? Check the size! It said 135-140, which is like ages 8 to 10! Well, to be fair, Fionn’s weight was actually heavier than that of a fourth-grade boy and girl who came for English conversation class, haha.

But when I tried the 8-10 size on him, it was totally okay. The waist area was a bit tight, so I stretched it out with my hands, hence the slight wrinkles.

I don’t mean to say he’s chubby or anything, but he’s just solidly built, you know? He has this compactness about him! He’s around 122 cm tall, but he weighs 29 kilograms.

This T-shirt I got has a slightly loose fit, so I’m sure he can wear it next season too! And you can’t even tell it’s oversized on him. So, from now on, I guess I’ll have to buy sizes 130 to 140.

I’m 157 cm tall, so it feels like Fionn is catching up to me. He’ll surpass me in height in no time. (Actually, my sixth-grade niece already surpassed me, haha.)

Oh, by the way, speaking of petite, I’m a truly plump lady here. But my post-op recovery is going amazingly well! In fact, I wonder why I endured it for so long because I can live a normal life now without any stomach pain—it’s fantastic! Plus, after giving birth, I had to be careful not to use my abdominal muscles much, but now, six years later, I can finally use my abs without worrying (although I still shouldn’t exercise). And guess what? My waist is getting slimmer without any exercise—I’m so happy!

The Japanese part of the blog ended back there, but here’s a bonus for you guys. This is a photo of little Emmet! Seriously, everything about his body shape, leg shape, and even the thickness is exactly the same as Fionn’s! It’s clear that having a sturdy physique is completely genetic! Ohhh this little Emmet is so adorable!

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