We eat additives sometimes

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(This is a blog translated into English using chat GPT)

Sometimes, on weekends, there are days when you just want to laze around. Especially when you don’t feel like going out or cooking. Last weekend was one of those days. The weather wasn’t great, so we stayed home all day, not wanting to go shopping or cook.

Whenever I ask Fionn what he wants to eat on such occasions, he usually says, “McDonald’s!!” I wonder why everyone, kids and adults alike, craves it so much, haha.

In the Butler household, we have McDonald’s about once every 2 to 3 months. Oh, by the way! The one who is least likely to eat it is Emme. She probably doesn’t eat it even once a year. The other day, when we were driving back after picking up a heavily intoxicated Emme in Australia (I think she got wasted like crazy), there was a drive-thru. She said, “Let’s stop!” So we stopped and bought a set that cost around 1600 yen (seriously, everything is so expensive!). But in the end, she didn’t eat it!

By the way, Fionn always gets a Happy Meal, but he usually swaps the fries with mine. I think there’s something addictive about those fries. They probably use various chemicals in them, but since we don’t eat them every day, I don’t really mind.

The snacks we usually eat definitely contain additives too, so it’s impossible to live a completely additive-free life. The meals we eat at home are made from vegetables and meat, and we rarely eat ready-made or instant food, so I think that’s good enough.

Oh!!! But not too long ago, there was a rare occasion when I suddenly stopped craving UFO (instant yakisoba noodles) (that happens maybe once a year, right? Normally, we don’t have instant ramen or anything at home). Fionn was attracted by the smell and said, “I want to eat it too!” So I shared with him, and he said, “It’s super delicious!” and asked me to buy it again. So, well, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have one or two at home for moments like that, and I bought some. Then Fionn found them and said he wanted to eat them again, so I cooked them for him. He ate about five bites and said, “It’s making my tongue feel weird, it’s not tasty.” So, in the end, I threw away the leftovers.

He didn’t notice anything when I gave him a small bite, but it seems it tasted strange after eating a little more. Well, I’m glad. I didn’t want instant noodles to become a habit for him (my mother, Marichan, doesn’t like them either, so we never had them at home). It’s nice that he noticed and developed a dislike for them.

By the way, I posted this on my Instagram story, but not just at McDonald’s, I prefer to compactly pack this kind of garbage and dispose of it neatly. The small bag that held the small fries contains the hamburger wrapping paper and paper napkin, while the large red container for the big fries had the paper cup, lid, and straw from the drink.

It feels satisfying to gather them all together and compact them before throwing them away. But, well, I’m type B, haha. You wouldn’t think type Bs are known for being detail-oriented, right?

Or maybe blood type has nothing to do with it? Haha.

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