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After a long absence, my family went out for the first time in Shimanto. We went to the newly renovated Yamasaki.

Corona has been decreasing, and since the national travel support campaign started yesterday, there are no longer any restrictions on foreigners entering Japan. Let’s go out for a drink!

As for the issue of masks, which has been brought up over and over again, the government said yesterday that in principle, it is unnecessary to wear masks outdoors. Well, I guess Japanese people who are serious and weak against peer pressure will continue to wear masks even when they are riding alone in a car or on a motorcycle with a helmet on.
At kindergartens, there are certain children who are definitely wearing masks, probably because their parents tell them to do so, but before they wear masks to protect themselves, they touch, share, hug, and hold hands with various things, so the masks are probably useless. It is more likely that masks are detrimental to their health.

I made some pamphlets, menus, and other things for Yamasaki for their new store renovation! They also put them on the table, so if you notice them, please take a look at them to learn more about the history of Yamasaki.

I also made the menus!
At first, I tried to make it a little more stylish by making the letters smaller and the white space larger, but the customers said, “It’s hard to see”. Yes, practicality is the most important thing in this kind of thing, so it’s important to make it easy to understand for everyone, young and old!

Emmet had his favorite bottled beer, which is supposed to taste better.

Fionn had a big onigiri (rice ball) and said, “Delicious! Delicious! The rice is delicious!” He was eating so much.
He only ate it with salt, because he is a picky eater when it comes to ingredients.

In preparing this pamphlet, I learned that Yamasaki is “the oldest restaurant in Shimanto”!
And the “shio-tataki,” which can be found everywhere nowadays, was originally made by putting straw in a drum in front of a store, grilling it, pouring salt on it, and then beating it with sake (Japanese alcohol) and sprinkling condiments on it.
You should definitely try it when you go there. It was very tasty with a lot of condiments and a good amount of salt.

We also ordered squid rings similar to calamari, which Eme-chan loves, shrimp chili, salad, and much more!
It was all delicious!

We happened to see a lot of people we know as customers at the restaurant, and we were able to talk with them after a long time, and we were also treated to beer and service at the restaurant. It was nice to be in the local area.

We were seated at the far end of the restaurant, where there is a sunken kotatsu!
I think this room can accommodate 15 to 16 people when connected together.

There are also counter seats for 6 people.

There are also table seats.
The place was packed when we went, but if you make a reservation in advance, it seems to be okay.

Please try it!

Sakeki Yamasaki

3 Nakamura Koshomachi, Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture 787-0029
Closed on Sunday

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