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I’ve been holding off on buying tableware for a long, long time recently.
But I keep checking various websites, so the number of things I want keeps increasing.

But three days ago, I found out that Emmet buys things for his hobbies on the Internet, so I thought, “Why not me too?” I bought something that had been in my cart for a long time (I often put things in the cart even though I don’t buy them)!

It arrived yesterday!
I’ve bought a lot of broken dishes from IKEA because of their poor packaging, but never from ZARA.
It’s great !!!!

I bought a green, slightly antique looking plate and 4 wine glasses.
There were blue and red plates in the series, but they ran out before I could decide whether to buy them or not, and I’ve been thinking about buying the remaining green one.

The price tag on the back was €5.99 in Euros!
That’s about 850 yen in today’s exchange rate, and the purchase price was 1,390 yen!

The glasses were the same! The glasses were €4.99, which is about 720 yen at today’s exchange rate. But I bought them for 1,190 yen.
And that’s with the current low yen exchange rate. ZARA HOME is cheap tableware when you buy it in Europe.

We were supposed to have a dinner party with friends just yesterday, so I decided to use the tableware that just arrived! I had a hard time deciding what to use, but gold seemed to go well with them, so I decided to go with gold and it turned out to look like a coordinated Christmas outfit! So cute!

The weather was beautiful and the temperature was perfect, so we had fun preparing dinner with the windows open and listening to music!
I’ll write more about the food and yesterday’s event tomorrow.

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