Diet, it doesn’t work that well!

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I said I started a jump rope diet about 2 weeks ago on my blog!
I started to do it seriously every day from July 3rd because of my trip to Osaka and other things, and I started to keep a record on July 4.
I wrote about the insanely good app “Asuken” a week ago!

I wrote there that I lost 2.1 kg in 5 days! But when I measured myself the next day, I lost even more weight, 2.5 kg!
But the day after that, I somehow gained 200 grams, and then we had that fun dinner at home.
I gained 500g, and this week I’ve only lost 100g or 200g slowly, but as of today, I’ve lost 2.5kg in total!
I feel like I’m finally back to where I was last week when I was at my thinnest.

This picture shows me and Emmet swimming in the pool almost every morning exactly 9 years ago in 2013.
I may look like this, but I am a good swimmer because I went to swimming school as a child!
Of course, I was trying to lose weight back then too! But I think I looked skinny enough though.
(For some reason, I also took a picture of my manicure that matched my outfit, probably for my blog back then.)

Back to the point, so far I’ve lost about 2.5 kilos in 10 days.
Numbers-wise, it’s great, but I lost weight at such a good pace last week that
I was thinking that this week I would go 3-4 kg total. I was thinking, “Oh, it can’t be that easy, can it?

It seems the two of us had gone out for a drink that night.
Look! I can tell just by looking at our faces that both Emmet and I are thin! And we are so young.

When I look at these old photos, I can see that I was able to wear whatever I wanted, and I showed my legs, shoulders, and arms without worrying about it.
( I even showed them too much. lol )
But now, I feel so embarrassed to show them that I can’t even wear the clothes I like.
If I can’t accept my body shape and be proud of it like a foreigner, then I need to lose weight.

Last time I lost weight, I did it by posting my weight on LINE everyday with my friends.
This time, I’m using an app and jumping rope! It shows you how many calories you’re taking in each time, so you can really save yourself a lot of calories! Highly recommended!

Seems like we were good friends 9 years ago, weren’t we?
We’re still friends like this! I should lose weight for Emmet!!

Oh, Emmet never says I’m fat.
He always calls me sexy! He spoils me!! lol

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